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    Quote Originally Posted by Mafic View Post
    PVE dragonslayer confirmed.

    If you have to do 99% PVE to progress in PVP for Legion gearing than the Legion PVP revamp has failed.
    Heres the kicker... are you ready for it. BRO ARE YOU READY FOR IT?!

    You don't need to do any PvE to progress in PvP. You have the "choice to"but it is not a requirement.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nagassh View Post
    While I don't disagree that the system could use a change to make pvp gearing more viable, because it's suboptimal at best, being 5-6% shouldn't be that crippling
    Racials made less of a difference and people still went for them, because they ended up being the deciding factor in a great many matches anyway. The smallest of differences can swing a game entirely. Even 1% is the difference between being dead and having that heal land before the person dies. 2.2k used to be "the wall" for most people because it was where they started running into teams with weapons.

    The weapons had less of an impact but they pretty much kept teams from further advancing as they played almost exclusively against people with those who had them leading to them stagnating as they fought a constant uphill battle. The moment they aquired them they often jumped 2-300 points from where they were stuck prior. Thus claiming it's of no essence and wont have a big impact is either being uninformed on this matter or being dishonest. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and roll with uninformed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel SnackyCakes View Post
    Heres the kicker... are you ready for it. BRO ARE YOU READY FOR IT?!

    You don't need to do any PvE to progress in PvP. You have the "choice to"but it is not a requirement.

    And this is just outright trolling. It's like saying "you don't need to gear yourself for mythic raids, it's a choice but not a requirement", sure you wont actually be able to beat anything, nor will you ever progress or be capable of winning but you can totaly get 20 other fresh 110s together and hit up those mythic raids!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Protean View Post
    Why are pvp players always so fucking whiny and lazy?
    Have you seen the threads with pve faggots whining about nightfallen rep and 850 champion level guys for Kara? lol
    Quote Originally Posted by THE Bigzoman View Post
    Meant Wetback. That's what the guy from Home Depot called it anyway.
    If you say pls because it is shorter than please,
    I'll say no because it is shorter than yes.

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    When the season starts even the casual PVE dragonslayers will be angry that they are being stomped in rated play by raid geared players.
    Battle for Abilities = WoD 2.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Rekz View Post
    I'll trust blizzard over your assessment. They've been doing this for a long time. It may very well be that your class is nerfed in which case, your class will feel as if it doesn't work correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deleth View Post

    Rated PvP wont solve this, especially as you'd need to farm Mythics to be even remotely competitive. Being 5-6% in stats below your competition puts you at a huge disadvantage and given what we've seen so far you'll likely end up with worse and less gear than people will grab from standard raids in short order.
    Completely agree iwth everything you said except for the above part, 2-3% (which is the realistic difference between someone who did mythics and someone who didn't), you still get 805-840 gear from bg's, really isnt going to make a single difference in pvp, especially since that gap will soon be closed by the gear you get from arena/rbg

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    The bigger gap will be artifact traits. Nolife grinding points ahead of the curve will make a diffence especially with the special skills granted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conformist View Post
    Your post makes it obvious you know nothing about pvp.

    There's two kind of pvpers actually;

    1. the ones who want to do arena and achieve something with their dedication to skill of their team and class (and want a fair and balanced game)
    2. the ones who think farming honor is pvp

    christ it's cancerous reading posts by dragonslayers

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