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    Quote Originally Posted by Kjarl Grimblood View Post
    Stop weaseling out and answer my question. Have you tried to beat a DH as a Hunter or not? Sounds to me like you dont know what youre talking about.
    Isnt a DH a free win for a good BM hunter? Cause you hide behind pillars all the time and DHs have no real self healing past meta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhazzyTV View Post
    I'm maining DH this expansion, been multi glad rogue since tbc/wotlk and I'm not sure how broken we are as I am yet to confirm that the players we meet are actually good or not. What I do know is that if I am unable to get dispelled from CC I am completely screwed over by something as simple as a root, however 7.1 will make us able to dispell that ourselves with the use of Vengeful Retreat (with talent tree spec 15sec CD). Which i think is perfectly fine.

    Right now we can't leave a rogue on our healer cause rogues are able to solo if not all but most classes in 1v1, the DH can not due to being easily handled once you understand the class. Mostly we DH's are outDPSing people thanks to amazing cleave dmg which also hits pets and what not, however, single target DPS we are getting shit on in most situations.

    My personal opinion on the PvP scene right now is that casters needs to deal more damage in general to keep up with the bursty meta of this season or a lot of nerfs should be taking place. DH's Meta should be reduced in duration as well as cooldown to make us more versatile, I wouldn't mind less dmg in change for shorter CDs of our stuns.
    Either way, I'll be streaming 3v3 Arena today with DH/SP/Rsham to break away from the mindless meleecleave.

    Will see how things feel/look at higher rating.
    I havent had a chance to jump into serious arenas yet. I did double dh in 2s to 1500 today and thats it. (partners havent returned yet that ive had for years)

    I'm a previous 2600 afflic/hpally/rogue player and right now i think people highly overrate DHs (I do main one currently as well) in terms of overall power.
    Meta doesn't feel that strong outside of the nemesis/momentum combo combined with chaosblades. We have nice mobility but like you said its easily shut down with a full root or a full cc we have no trinket for. I think they will be incrediblity flakey in terms of strength.

    You have to set up super nicely around this triple combo in order to score kills in 3s (imo) and i think we will need to be combined with either a rot + cc (affliction/spriest) or burst melee with CC/control( rogue ww monk) and have to force trinkets/cds.

    I strongly believe DHs wont be this "rampaging force" and will just be ran in combos that previously were melee set up teams into full CDs. Alot of good teams will be able to predict / counter all their damage and unless the other melee class they run with is OP, i dont think itll be a problem for anyone. (this is all in theory)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clonan View Post
    Dude, you are wearing thick shades if you think this is ok either way. No one should be able to win 1v3 just going ham with cooldowns. It's completely irrelevant if they weren't as good as the DH, 3v1 you should be dead.

    Sure, if you pulled of a nice CC combo with precision I could give you a close call if your opponents were abysmally bad, but that's not what the DH did in the video you're referring to. He just went ham with meta.
    If you remember WoD, there is a multi R1 EU boomy who actually 1v3 Rated arena (not skrimish but rated team who is on skype and trying to farm rating). I never said it was ok, and yes you 100% right NO class should be able 1v3 or 1v2 given skills are equal, that why I spoke up that nerf is required for Holy Wrath for Ret pally, Ret is my main of 9 years, because that spell takes 0 skills yet it can take out 50% hp up to 4 enemies around you, which is just broken.

    However, lets not forget we are playing WoW, game balanced around PvE 1st, then around 3s where there are "favorite children" classes that are overturned compared to the rest.

    Yes i agree with you once again DH in Meta should not be able clv/aoe down 3 ppl, i also said DH's aoe nerf is much needed, but DH's ST is fine, it is not even top of the pack in PvP. Enh's ST is insane atm, with procs aligned an Enh can 2-3 shot some1 in a PvP isntances. Also my Ret's ST its also stupid Holy wrath is one, 100% crit of JV on stun target is two, i can crit up to 1.2mil in Wpvp with 1 JV on a player, and with artifact i get to have 2 JVs in a stun, so Rets do kill ppl in a stun now. My point was, Yes DHs do need aoe/clv nerf, but their ST is fine, and i brought examples of Ret/Enh whose' St is better, thing is ppl know how to counter Rets (just kite them), hence once DH's aoe will be nerfed, it will be just as easy counter DHs for a skilled player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhazzyTV View Post
    As a Glad Ret i agree with you, DH's ST is not that great and in 3s if ppl can snare/cc DH its pretty much gg its meta, and if Dh will trinket with a rogue or ret on enemy team, well next stun + cc on a healer, DH will die. My Ret is pulling far far better numbers in pvp ST than my DH, and comps like Ret/Rog/healer are just broken, you pop cds/ blind Ehealer/ focus on Edps and most healers will trinket. next Hoj Ehealer will die. Easy as that, i am also surprised that no1 brought up Arms wars in rated Arena, their burst is very very respectable.

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