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    Warrior arena Top comps

    hey, any1 got any idea what will be top arena comps for arms warrior atm, same as last seasons, TSG, turbo, WLD/S, or any new comps, maybe including DH's,

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    arms/any healer/any dps

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    Arms seems to be in a pretty good spot according to THIS post which is based on the armory data for US. Out of (at the time) 378 players above 1800 rating, 46 are playing arms. So looking into the top of the ladder you should be able to see what setups they are running.

    Best I can provide since I'm way to lazy to look up setups for someone else

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    yeah pretty much any dps works, arms is very good in 3's

    the easiest and most effective pairing for a warrior are enh/dh/frostdk

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    Arms/Enh, Arms/DH, Arms/Uh are my favorites + Hpal or MW? not sure what are the top healers atm for melee clv

    P.S. I faced a multi glad team Arms/Boomy/Rshammy they did very very well :P

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