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    Question Wandering plague BLUE RESPONSE PLEASE

    What is the intended use for this talent?
    1. 60k damage###
    2. Only jumps half the time.
    Demands extra runes due to not including outbreak.
    3. Buggy

    Just seems to me that it could be GREAT but at this point its just not worth taking.
    Just seems very lack luster and undertuned. I would LOVE TO USE THIS TALENT BY THE WAY.

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    In what world do you believe youre going to get a Blizz response here?

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    Does this count as a blue response?
    “What was God doing before the divine creation? Was he preparing
    hell for people who asked such questions?” - Stephen Hawking

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    Asking for a blue response on official forums is a sure way to get your thread locked and asking for a blue respone on mmo is pointless. So, what's the point with this post?

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    So you have bugged honor talents? Well, you are not alone in that. Enhancement shaman Forked Lightning hits corpses and Thundercharge sometimes makes cooldowns longer instead of shorter...
    You will probably find a lot more completely broken ones on other classes as well, these talents look like they haven't been tested at all

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