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    [Mage] Legion Help my Gear / DPS thread

    Dear mages,

    the Legion is upon us! I'm nearly a month late with this, but the previous Help thread was unstickied and this is the new one we'll be using for Legion. Just to remove all the information clutter. Sorry for the delay, *insert bad excuse about the 5 minutes I required to do this*, but here it is. Have a very nice expansion and good hunting.

    As always, there are some rules which should be followed when asking for help:

    1. For which specialization are you asking help?

    2. Link your armory pretty please with a cherry on top if your armory is relevant.

    3. Write a lot. We need to know as much as possible about your problem. AMAP - as much as possible.

    4. Don't be too big of an asshole when asking for help or when giving help.

    5. Avoid opening a new thread for every little detail - this sticky is here for a reason.

    6. Failure to comply will result in a Borg Sphere exiting warp speed above your house, kidnapping you and assimilating you into their collective. Resistance is futile.

    Example post:

    Shangalar - Arcane - *armory link* - if you can't post links yet then write which region and server you're on.
    Hey guys, I just got *itemA* and *itemB* and I'm not sure if I would benefit from replacing *itemC* and *itemD*, what do you think I should do? Thanks in advance.

    Something like that. You can also ask how to improve your openers or stuff. Lots of stuff. Much help. WoW.

    Good luck and looking forward to everyone helping each other.
    My magic will tear you apart.

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    I am asking help for Fire, I don't know how to properly use Cinderstorm yet, so I was using Kindling
    I feel I am lacking in dps and want to improve so our guild can down Heroic Xavius and start working on mythics
    Any help would be nice, Thanks

    Normal Xavius kill i did 200k, Heroic attempts i do between 220k-265k in 4mins or so, missing out with 70mil boss damage compared to few mages with same ilvl

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    Hello folks,

    I have basicly the same question as Jagroen. We were on Xavius yesterday and my DPS seems pretty low compared to the other mage.

    Here is my armory link:

    And the recent logs:

    We were not able to kill it yet. Don't know how the ratings would increase.
    But you can see aswell on our Cenarius fight that I wasnt really performing good.

    I hope you guys can see things I can't. We want to push mythic soon and I am lacking my DPS.

    Thank you very much in advance

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    Hey guys

    i play Fire and just got this out of the mythic chest:

    Should i replace it with anything i'm currently wearing?


    I know that both of my trinkets are very good for Fire. But are the +10 Itemlevels better?

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    Hey guys,

    I would love some help! I just feel like I am not doing as much as I should be, though my gear isn't too bad!

    Armory -

    Logs -

    There are other examples in the can change each raid and such, I just really feel like my DPS is lacking. Maybe it is just gear or stats I am lacking?

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    After playing Fire for awhile and just not enjoying it.. I decided to main Frost. I feel like I am still doing something wrong and could improve a lot. Any tips from other Frost mages in heroic/mythic guilds?

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    I'm in a bit of a trinket crisis so I'm turning to you for help. Recently gotten my hands on a 870 Infernal Writ, which was a upgrade from my shitty Horrorslime, and a 845 Shock Baton. Problem I'm having is what combo to use. At the moment I have a 870 IW, 845 Naraxas Spiked Tongue with a socket and the 845 Baton.

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    Hello there, I am posting on behalf of one of my raiders to get an outside opinion regarding his performance. He is working on trying to fix his problems but maybe you guys can point out some bad habits etc that he might be unaware of.

    Spec: Fire

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    Hello everyone.

    A mage in my guild (Gobant) is looking for help/tips to increase his DPS. He's following rotation from icy-veins and some of the advice from Preach videos. He was only able to stay in the raid for the first two bosses this week before being asked to bow out. Thanks in advance for advice. I'll pass the info along. Cheers.


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    I am always thinking I am doing something wrong. Alone I cant find what it is. So here is a EN take on logs. (CHECK THE Normal one not HC)

    toon name : Muhtzah (Fire specc)

    I noticed a diff on pyros because my gear is not exactly optimal on Crit. So most bosses Im about half the Pyro with the other mage . But Im not 100% that I cant do better. Actually I think I can do better. So Shoot it people what Im screwing up?!

    Thanks in advance to everyone who will take some time to help! Dont mind the fact that Im missing gem etc now its fixed!

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    [Logs] Mythic Odyn Help [Fire]

    Tenerus - Fire

    Can I get some help breaking down logs. Mine vs another Mages. Mythic Odyn, would be awesome if a Mage that has already killed him could help too.

    My logs from our best attempt (Obviously i'm Tenebrus);
    [Edit -Logs are Private - bare with me, please let me know if there is other screenshots I can provide].
    Here are images of my logs;
    Damage Done;

    And the other Mage's logs (He doesn't have Bracers/TW Ring like me, so I wanted something similar to compare to);

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    Howlingstar - Frost
    Logs of my last raid run.

    I'm pretty sure i should be doing more dps and that i'm doing something wrong but i'm not too sure what : /
    Was hoping some people here would be able to help me out?

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    I'm looking for help regarding one of the raiders on my team. His DPS is fairly low for his ilvl and I'm hoping to help him improve.

    His armory:

    Recent Logs:

    Thanks in advance for any insight anyone might have!

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    Hi all - I'm looking for help on dps as a fire mage. This might be rendered moot in 7.1.5, but I feel like I'm missing something significant. I have read icy-veins rotation, overhauled my UI, read logs, made changes, and am still logging in the 40th/50th%ile. I have some explanations for that, but can't come up with anything that I can change that I have direct control over. I would love love love any analysis that can explain what I'm missing, whether it's rotation/gear/stat priority/timing/whatever.

    I also do not have the ability to post any links yet, so hopefully editing the link the way I do below is not circumventing the rules... :|

    Armory: [bnet] /wow/en/character/garrosh/Heeka/simple
    Logslast raid) [warcraftlogs] /reports/MW6hfLFVYpCBRAqa/#fight=2&type=damage-done
    (raid before) [warcraftlogs] /reports/J1DYFH6R9gKqZCx8#fight=9&type=damage-done

    Much love to anybody that can help.

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    Anyone willing to take a look at my rotation? I feel like I could do better, but I'm not 100% sure where I am failing.

    Just a quick video of my rotation on the dummy.

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    Hello there Folks!

    I started playing my Mage in Legion and since i found a good raiding guild I definitely lack experience in playing my class compared to other people (I played tank previously but it looks like noone wants tanks anymore).
    During our raids I'm performing rather badly and for rolling to another class would cost extreme amounts of time (thanks Blizz! -.-') I need help improving my gameplay.

    I am currently playing an Arcane Mage.

    This is my mage: EU-Blackmoore-Ailjendra (Guild: AoD)
    This is a Krosus HC Kill: AoD - Blackmoore-EU, Krosus kill on Wednesday 25th January 2017
    During that kill I didn't have the T19 2 Set Bonus yet.
    I'm sorry for not posting links since I am not allowed to due to being new in this forum.

    I do think that the basic playstyle isn't that bad but there have to be mistakes I make while playing.
    Can anyone find some harsh mistakes I made?

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    I'm currently playing fire during Nighthold (due to having a higher AP in Felo'melorn and having Koralon's as my spec specific legendary). I can't seem to figure out why my DPS is struggling as much as it has been. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

    Link to Logs:
    Link to armory:

    I have a few trinkets in my inventory that I'm not using: Aran's (no chest), Mythic Bough of Corruption, Wriggling Sinew, Naraxus' Spiked Tongue.

    My other legendaries are: Prydaz, Norgannon's Foresight.

    Thank you!
    <Oppression> of Lightbringer-US Alliance
    Recruitment: Open
    Message for more details

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    Hello forum friends,

    I'm an 890 fire mage, doing DPS that puts me around the 20th percentile for my item level. I've been going over my logs with other mages as much as I can, but I can't seem to figure out how to maximize my DPS, despite making the changes they've suggested. I know I need to move some talents around for ST, but I really am not certain what is going on, and why I'm so low for my ilevel. I have Prydaz and Koralon's Burning Touch for legendaries.

    I can't link my logs because my account here is pretty new, but if you search "Slapfight" on Garona, I'm Søeth, one of two mages.

    Please let me know if anything jumps out at you, even if it's just a little bit off. I'm not super smooth on my rotation, but I don't think that's the entire problem.

    Many thanks,


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    Hello guys,

    I"m asking help for a fire mage friend of mine whose DPS is not improving. I don't understand a lot about fire mages (or mages at all) so the best I can do is post a log of a fight and trust you guys to help me.

    Can you please tell me which skills he should be using more or less by this log?

    https ://www. warcraftlogs. com/reports/6BcZFdAnx2yk8tDf/#type=summary

    Thank you.

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    I need some help with my Arcane Mage. Basically, no matter what I do, I can never reach the DPS I'm simming on ST bosses like Krosus. The problem is the same with other bosses as well. I'm trying to use CheckMyWoW and WCL as much as possible to determine where I'm going wrong with my rotation, but I really cannot figure it out by myself. I have posted on Altered Time as well but in about 3 weeks no one replied. I'm leaving my hope with you guys.

    Char: eu. battle. net/wow/en/character/sylvanas/Logout/simple
    Logs: warcraftlogs. com/rankings/character/9884195/latest

    I apologize for the links containing spaces, but I cannot post links yet.

    PS: Could the stats be a problem? Should I re-enchant and re-gem my gear? I do use Simulationcraft to get my weights.

    Thanks a lot.

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