Current Progression
Our current progression is now 4/7 Heroic - 7/7 Normal.

Sacrificed is a Horde guild based in Saurfang (OCEANIC). A small group of experienced World of Warcraft players have created this guild in hopes to be competitive and progress through Legion. We created Sacrificed in WoD at HFC around January 2016 and quickly cleared both normal and heroic modes within a month of creating the guild.

To achieve good results without raiding for so many hours and to be the raiding home for skilled raiders who are unable to commit to the usual raid times by raiding later at night. See times down below.

We are looking for people to build the guild with. We want foundation raiders who want to stick with us and always wanting to improve without getting heated and losing their heads. Whether its improving your DPS, Heals, doing a mechanic right - we want those who will always try to get better every attempt so we can clear the bosses.

Raid Nights/Times

Our raid nights and times schedule are currently as following:

Thursday 10PM - 1AM (Server Time)
Sunday 10PM - 1AM (Server Time)
Monday 10PM - 1AM (Server Time)

What We Expect From Our Raiders

We expect from all of our raiders in Sacrificed that you follow and meet our expectations, the following are just general rules within our raid times that will help us to keep our raids running smoothly as possible.

- Don't waste our time during raids. This means come prepared BEFORE the raid and always log on 10 minutes before our raid time actually starts (sometimes if you cannot make sure you let us know before hand). Get your Potions, Flasks, Runes, Food (for buff) etc..
- During raids, as we are killing trash chatting is fine - but when we reach a boss the talking stops in Discord and we focus on the boss ahead of us, especially during the fight please keep Discord chatter to a minimum unless you need to announce something we ask you to announce beforehand.
- After raids please check the logs we upload and see where you can improve next time! Check the problems through the fights and see how other players of your own spec went (compare talents spells etc.).


- We are currently recruiting the following classes/specs:

HEALS (High = In high demand of)
Priest - High
Monk - Low
Paladin - High

DPS (High = In high demand of)
Mage - Medium
Warlock - Low
Priest - High
Druid (Balance) - Medium
Shaman (Elemental) - Medium
Warrior - Medium
Paladin - Medium


If you are interested in joining us, please add my btag: Shinikaze#1873 / Leonari#11315 / Hotahellgod#1338 / Aussiekirt#1976

Or find online on Saurfang:
- Illibeasty
- Leonari
- Wodan
- Ava