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    I like fruits and salads the most. Very tasty theme, I wanted to eat

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    Fries, Fries and then some more fries

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    I've been on a self-imposed diet for a while, which lacks bread. So for now I can really really dig a few self-made hamburgers on my saturday cheat day.

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    So many people enjoy pizza. I do as well.

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    Love food so have to many to name but one of my absolute favorite is spinach and fish sticks.

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    I love pasta, vegetable salads and fruits.

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    Chef Salad is always great.

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    Rice and hot dog
    cheese cake

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    If anyone wants to go here in the Philippines try to eat sinigang and adobo... very yummy one of my favorite menu and popular here...

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    Pizza is number one on the list of my favourite food, also I like seafood and Chinese cuisine.

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    Charcoal grilled gilthead sea bream.

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    sushi and ramen

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    my favourite is pho, a vietnamese food but not out in restaurant, my mom learn from a cooking book in apknite and it's amazing.

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    chicken wings is the best! fried or roasted

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    I think I have a sweet tooth because I love desserts more than the main dish.

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    I'm fond of nachos, tacos, burritos, quesadillas..they are so delicious !

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    one of my favorites:
    vindaloon chicken curry
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    I love seafood pasta, burger and pizza.

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