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    I've been on a self-imposed diet for a while, which lacks bread. So for now I can really really dig a few self-made hamburgers on my saturday cheat day.

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    So many people enjoy pizza. I do as well.

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    Love food so have to many to name but one of my absolute favorite is spinach and fish sticks.
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    I love pasta, vegetable salads and fruits.

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    Chef Salad is always great.

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    Rice and hot dog
    cheese cake

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    If anyone wants to go here in the Philippines try to eat sinigang and adobo... very yummy one of my favorite menu and popular here...

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    Pizza is number one on the list of my favourite food, also I like seafood and Chinese cuisine.

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    Charcoal grilled gilthead sea bream.
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    sushi and ramen

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    my favourite is pho, a vietnamese food but not out in restaurant, my mom learn from a cooking book in apknite and it's amazing.

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    chicken wings is the best! fried or roasted

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    I think I have a sweet tooth because I love desserts more than the main dish.

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    one of my favorites:
    vindaloon chicken curry
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    I love seafood pasta, burger and pizza.

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    breadisfunny, it looks delicious!

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    There's a mediocre Chinese restaurant a couple of hours away that makes THE BEST chicken fried rice that i've ever had. I make a point to get it every time I pass through town. If I was told that tomorrow was my last day to live and to arrange my last meal, it'd have to be that for sure. With my luck though i'd show up to order and they'd be closed for some reason. Oh well.

    Mmmm food!

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    Something spicy and sometimes lasagna with a nice cheese <3

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