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    Red face [H] Tempered - Khaz'goroth 1/7M LF DPS (5hr guild)

    About us

    If you’re a skilled player who likes to balance WoW with real-life, Tempered may be the guild for you. We finished T18 as one of the Top 10 US/Oceanic guilds that raids 1-2 nights per week. We have a proven record of clearing mythic with our schedule, and hope to continue that trend throughout Legion.
    Our current progression is 6/7M

    We are located on Khaz'Goroth / Dath'Remar and we only raid two nights a week, five hours all up, so there is plenty of time for real life! Currently, with Daylight Savings in effect; our raiding schedule is:

    Wednesday - 9:00pm to 11:30pm AEDT/ST
    Thursday - 9:00pm to 11:30pm AEDT/ST


    We are looking to recruit ANY DPS classes; as well an off-spec tank. We currently have no spots for healers. We may also consider a MS tank with a good DPS off spec.

    Please visit our website for more information or to apply:
    tempered-raiding (dotcom) [I can't do links! Long time lurker, first time post)


    Mrpaet#1398 - Pete (GM / RL)
    Ninjason#1672 - Trollwarrior (Officer)
    Reversey#1238 - Noopers (Officer)
    Drebz#1404 - Sensokerns (Officer)
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