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    My apologies that I expect them to have the time and resources to get things done. A few minor bugs are acceptable completely being unable to play the game isn't.

    From what I've seen you really don't know what you're talking about yourself, certainly with that 'pc is dead' comment.
    If they have a set date for launch there is only so much time available like any deadline, just look at the complete mess that was Anthem earlier this year and it'll be interesting to see Cyberpunk as CD Project Red said they wouldn't release it until it's ready. I don't know how many QA testers they had for PC RDR2 but yes it clearly wasn't enough and the refund should be more lenient.

    But just because a certain title (GTA) brings in big revenue doesn't mean anything, you're still working with the same subsidiaries developer groups which forms Rockstar Games and I don't know if this port was fobbed off to one or several of those working together. I now feel they should've waited a couple of years with this as to run this optimally you need a really beefy computer (unless playing 1080p) so it seems to be a game for the minority but I guess they released it solely for the $$ from RDR2 Online and sales.

    And my 'pc is dead' comment, I mentioned that certain genres excel and are predominately popular on PC but overall that's only where PC gamers are active, in those genres or what it feels like to me compared to console gaming. Things like Steam and supporting indie titles is helping overall too.
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