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    Minecraft Server mod recommendations

    Hello all,

    I'm looking to make a (new) server for my son and his friends. It has been a while since I've looked so I'm not sure if there are any new & cool mods out there to put on it.

    I'll probably go with either Spigot or Bukkit to build it off of, not picky with either one (or if there is anything new/better).

    It will be a survival server, but I want to be able to put a merchant in where they can, for example, trade a stack of dirt/cobble for a diamond.

    Some sort of portal mod would be cool as well.

    And some sort of mod with a computer of sorts, sadly I forget the name of the one from years ago he used to like.

    Anyhow, open to ideas.. and thanks!

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    I used to love technicraft but I have been gone for a while. I am interested in ideas as well.

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    It's a good idea to create a survival mod with IA and interaction. But that world should be very big.
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    the two modpacks i like to play are skyfactory 3 and FTB: Beyond. but I like large mod packs with lots of choice.

    there are a few mods that haven't been ported over to 1.10.2 yet like witchery and thaumcraft. I'll probably start playing again when they are added to the packs.

    i read that biomes 'o plenty has a hardcoded ore generation algorithm so they left it out of ftb:beyond. they couldn't alter the ore gen and so its not in the newest iteration, but i think it is still part of infinity 1.7, although 1.7 doesn't have the new combat update.

    opencomputers is pretty cool, at least there is a script out there that you can use to control your big/extreme reactors. its all written in lua but you can import programs directly from github into your game from within the game. I got the reactor control program to work but i couldn't get mineOS to work.

    the opencomputers reactor program is great i like that it handles the control rods for you and lowers or raises them depending on your power consumption. it has touch screen functionality aswell. this is probably one of the most intriguing additions i've played with recently.

    RFtools dimensions has portals, at least you could use matter transmitters and receivers as portals between your bases. all you'd have to do is have a dailer at each end dailed to the receiver on the other end. there was a mod that added a portal gun as well from portal, it works exactly the same way as it does in portal.

    there are a lot of teleportation mods, there is one mod that gives you a staff or item of some kind that lets you see specific blocks through walls and teleport directly to them I can't remember which mod its part of. it might be draconic evolution but i'm not entirely sure.
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