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    Alliance <Envelop> Frostmourne 5/7M

    <Envelop> are currently recruiting for our Mythic Emerald Nightmare team.

    Formed during HFC, we’ve established a team of skilled, reliable and dedicated raiders heading into Legion and we’re looking for a few recruits to fill core spots in our team.

    Current Progression: 4/7 Mythic

    Raid Times:
    Wednesday, Thursday & Monday 8PM-11PM ST

    Currently recruiting:
    Ranged DPS (Mage, Boomkin, SPriest)

    We will also consider skilled/experienced players of any class/role

    Being punctual to all raid times, except where adequate notice has been given for foreseeable circumstances.

    Having the initiative to be self-raid-ready, including researching your class and all upcoming encounters and having enough raid consumables prepared for each raid.
    We expect players to be self-motivated to perform and improve each week through reading logs and/or constructive criticism from officers.

    Being vocal to make necessary raid calls and include yourself amongst the team banter.

    <Envelop> promotes an environment that caters for plenty of banter and fun, but also realise a reduced raiding schedule means knuckling down and being serious when necessary.

    Any questions, or to apply, please contact one of our officers below:

    Jackson (Spoon#1548)
    Tom (Thorax#1466)
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    Bump, looking for healers to trial next farm lockout on Wednesday, will consider any class.

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