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    Healer for our comps.

    Greetings once again.

    So, i enjoy wow most with friends and knowing them, we wont play for too long.

    What we have:
    Guy Uno - Assassin Rogue & Havoc Demon Hunter
    Guy Dos - Frost Mage & Enhancement Shaman
    Me - Mistweaver/Windwalker Monk. Nearly finished leveling Warlock.

    I want to reroll. because i don't like monk dps being fisting animation and CC of mistweaver is so freaking bad.
    I still have boost, as well as 100 priest.

    Which healer option is the best for those comps? Guy Dos is also leveling Windwalker and Feral.
    I'd like to level druid myself, because they are freaking broken with amount of their cc and mobility, being nearly equal to monks. However, all comps i find around, are using paladin as the best option for that.

    Is Discipline still broken AF because of damage output? I barely see them on our 1.9k rating
    Is Paladin healer really that good? IMO it is good only for melee cleaves, but please, prove me wrong.
    Where druid outperforms paladin and vice versa?
    Are shaman healers even existant in 3v3?

    And last funny question, should i say to go fuck themselfes and level a fury warrior?
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    Discipline damage was reduced in 7.1.

    MW Monk would be okay for those comps. Holy Paladin or Resto Druid would probably be best.

    To your last funny question, play what you want to! You can always find a new team if you want to go DPS.
    I heal in the Arena and shoot things with a bow.
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