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    Diablo 3 Micro-stuttering!

    Hi all,

    I have a decent gaming rig (Intel i7-4770k, 12GB RAM, GTX 780) and I still have micro-stutters during the game even the FPS counter shows stable 60 fps and there are no latency issues at all.

    I have tried almost everything.

    - disable/force V-SYNC/Triple buffering via D3DOverrider/Nvidia Control Panel
    - set Maximum Pre-rendered frames to 1/2/3/4 in Nvidia Control Panel
    - set Power Management to Maximum Performance in Nvidia Control Panel
    - set Antialiasing Gamma Correction to OFF in Nvidia Control Panel
    - set V-Sync to Adaptive in Nvidia Control Panel
    - set ingame Max Foreground/Background fps limiter to 59/60/61/OFF
    - limit max fps to 60 with third party software (RTSS) without V-SYNC
    - launch the game without Battle.net cliens
    - delete Battle.net Cache and Tools folders (http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/17289140033#2)
    - close Agent.exe in the Task Manager
    - set Affinity to all core in the Task Manager
    - set Priority to High/Real Time in the Task Manager
    - run RTSS.exe to enable custom Direct3D support
    - edit D3Prefs.txt to disable Trilinear Filtering, set Hardware Class to 1/2 and Sound channels to 16
    - do Alt+Tab twice
    - scan the drives via Eset Smart Security with 0 threats/errors
    - run the game as Administrator
    - set High Performance plan in the Power Options in Control Panel
    - disable C-State in BIOS
    - disable Core Parking
    - use Large Adware Awareness to allow the game to use more than 3GB of RAM
    - reinstall on an SSD

    It totally not unplayable, but you can clearly notice those 2-3 seconds of stuttering whenever it happens and it really bugs me while playing. Is it the game or is it something I can fix.


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    My friend used to have horrible freeze spikes when playing d3 on his laptop, with the game frequently freezing 1-6+ secs at a time at random intervals.
    Recently he gave up, got a ssd disk for the laptop & removed the old hd, did a fresh clean install of windows 10 on it (he had older win8 install upgraded to 10), and now the game just flies along for him, no stutters or freezes.

    ... I'm tempted to try the same, I have old win7 install upgraded to 10, which has some issues here & there :|

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