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    The Realms Within [Fan Expansion Concept]

    Inspired by user @Golden Yak and his Into the Void structure.

    Things I need: 1) Concept art

    Map and Zones explanation

    Dungeons, Raids, and Plotlines

    Crafting takes Center Stage in Undermine

    Crafting Part 2 - Gathering and Secondary

    AH and Currency

    Be Legendary in Your Own Way

    Subraces and Class Distribution

    Added 1/19/17 - Class Updates: New Paths
    With Legion, Blizzard decided to forego faster expansions for more depth, taking their time to craft each story and hone it to razor's edge before moving on. The success of that expansion's multiple years' worth of content was furthered with the subsequent Azshara/N'zoth Expansion, which itself has paved the way for players to explore the darkest, titan-ordered mechanical underbelly of their world. The buried engines of the Storm Peaks and Ulduar; the many titan-created areas of the world; and the shell of the sleeping titan itself are only the surface of what we will delve into.

    The defeat of Azshara after she wounded Azeroth’s world soul to gain ultimate power has necessitated a reordering of the world itself. With the help of Algalon, Mimir, and a few other master engineers such as Gelbin Mekkatorque and Trade Prince Gazlow, the reply code to activate the reset was dialed back enough to not kill every living entity. Instead, many of the races who previously succumbed to the curse of flesh have started to see members of their families changing back into what they once were. Even more interesting are the effects on races not native to Azeroth.

    But the reordering has done more than affect the nascent titan’s people. Her very body heaves with power at the restoration after so long being drained and tapped for power. Regions deep within Azeroth open at last to reveal the inner world, where oceans of glistening oil and ancient evils stir; where a war wages that only those with an eye for engineering were even aware of.

    * Tauren-sized vrykul are introduced as a subrace for humans, while many orcs find themselves changed to mok’nathol thanks to Aman'thul's insight and the presence of Broxigar during the War of the Ancients.
    * Mechagnomes and earthen join in battle against drogbar goblins and undead kvaldir.
    * Optionally change your human, orc, gnome, dwarf, goblin, or undead into one of the new races as you’re affected by the reorder. This is a one-time opportunity (except for a later paid race change).

    The Tinker comes to Azeroth! Go to battle against the mechanical races who have broken out of Azeroth’s center by fighting tech with tech using this new hero class, which starts at 118 and progresses to current content at 120 after a short introductory scenario in which you follow Gelbin or Gazlow to steal the parts you need from a mech encampment at the edge of the Glistening Sea. Play as a tank, ranged dps, or healer. The tank spec can also switch modes to shredder for a little more melee power (similar to gladiator for warriors).

    Visit New Zones as you travel into Azeroth to not only finish healing the world wound caused by Azshara’s magic, but also to stem the tide of battle against the mechanicals who believe the flesh-bound races and their allies have ruined their home. Level scaling continues, allowing you to choose to where you go during the leveling process. Assist Mimiron in setting up way-gates and underground trains to get from zones like Undermine (the goblin capital and neutral hub of the expansion) to zones across the world quickly (like Azjol Nerub in Northrend). Inner-world zones across all of Azeroth make this the most expansive content update yet.

    Continue on the path of the Titans that started with the sacrifice of Azeroth’s greatest artifacts and empowered you against the forces of Azshara and N’zoth. This alternate progression path adds new markers for purchase with Azeroth’s blood, dubbed titan energy that you can turn into experience for leveling, currency for purchasing equipment, or more power akin to how artifacts grew.

    Earn the Earth-Mother’s favor with a new faction and mount up on your own Gyre-worm. Never wait for a train again as you ride your worm into the gyre-tunnels and quickly travel to new zones. New mechanical mounts can be earned as well which allow for flying, swimming, and/or wall-climbing within the world’s deepest caverns. The digital deluxe and collector’s edition gets you a special gyre-worm mount as well as a new mechanical companion pet.

    Delve into some of Azeroth’s greatest histories with new dark-troll, mechagnome, and qiraji archaeology projects. Mine new ores, discover mech-weave, and pick underground plants to collect glistening oil, which can be used to power up crafted equipment or cook some of the finest food this side of the surface.

    …And more!
    The underside of Azeroth awaits.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The link to the aforementioned inspiration for this thread.

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    Sorry but personally speaking I hope this never becomes an expansion.
    Killing off azshara as part of legion?
    Tinker class? Every argument for tinker class has been taking ideas from engineering, and I doubt they will total kill off a profession to appeal to the couple that want a class made of it.
    Just my own view, but at this point it seems near certain next expansion will be old God related

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    An underworld expansion is a concept I've wanted to see since Wrath, when the prospect of an Azjol-Nerub zone was unfortunately cut down to two dungeons. I think there's huge possibilities for exploring Azeroth's interior and the different environments that could exist there.

    I could definitely see Path of the Titans finally being realized as something akin to the Artifact system of Legion, tying the system of progression purely to specs and cutting out the middle-man of a weapon. The weapon is just a prop really, it isn't necessary.

    Also I love, love, love the idea of an underground rail system set up by Mimiron to ferry people around at high speed. Having the underground regions of Ulduar be a major hub for a Titan-esque subway system would be spectacular, and linking it up to gnomish and goblin railways to showcase different styles of train would make for some great visuals.

    I'd love to hear what ideas you have for zones and instances.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mythicalfury View Post
    Sorry but personally speaking I hope this never becomes an expansion.
    Killing off azshara as part of legion?
    Tinker class? Every argument for tinker class has been taking ideas from engineering, and I doubt they will total kill off a profession to appeal to the couple that want a class made of it.
    Just my own view, but at this point it seems near certain next expansion will be old God related
    His concept summary mentions a hypothetical Azshara/N'Zoth expansion following Legion, and this concept is meant to follow after the Azshara/N'Zoth one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    Also I love, love, love the idea of an underground rail system set up by Mimiron to ferry people around at high speed. Having the underground regions of Ulduar be a major hub for a Titan-esque subway system would be spectacular, and linking it up to gnomish and goblin railways to showcase different styles of train would make for some great visuals.

    I'd love to hear what ideas you have for zones and instances.
    Sorry, was busy last week with family holiday party setup. Anyway, thank you for the reply, and here you go.

    Continents and Zones
    The Realms Within will push new boundaries with the World or Warcraft by opening up Azeroth and the expansion content to its players in exciting ways. First, world quests will extend to every continent, with the low-level entry point being that expansion’s start (60 for Outland, 70 for Northrend, etc). Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor will have world quests open at 50 and expand into Cataclysm content at 80. All world quests, once open, will scale to the level cap. Each continent will have around 12 rotating world quests every 8 hours available, with world bosses and elite quests lasting between 16 hours and 7 days. Going forward, these world quests (and any introduced in the future) will be considered evergreen content, to be explored at your leisure once you meet the entry-level requirements.

    In addition, each of the zones listed below will have questlines available between 120 and the level cap, as well as at least one dungeon. There will be 2 raids (in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor) at launch, leading to a small raid in Pandaria and the tier raid in Northrend. Future patches will introduce additional raids and tiers as appropriate.

    Unlike Cataclysm, this expansion will still feel connected and easy to access thanks to the use of railways and (eventually) mounts that can travel easily between areas. Order the Digital Deluxe or Collector’s Edition and get a gyreworm early.

    The Central Hub of this Expansion sits beneath the Lost Isles, with access to it being opened during the last patch of the previous expansion. The city itself looks much like Bilgewater Harbor (where it meets the Glistening Ocean) and Kezan, with active taxis, roads, and people both shady and otherwise. The "sky" above Kezan can be changed to match each individual's tastes in much the same way you can set down special totem toys and change the sky for a certain time. This "skybox" as the goblins call it, can be upgraded with different options found during gameplay as treasures/rewards. If you have any of the totem toys, their changes are automatically logged the first time you use the device. Engineers also learn how to build a portable version that lets you change the sky in any underground zone.

    Paying money to log out in a "luxury" hotel gives you a buff that doubles your rested xp gain for up to 24 hours. Players of any level can rent training mounts that move at 150% speed. Mounts can be rented for varying prices that allow flight, swimming, wall-crawling, or tunneling. They usually last 6 in game hours (doesn't tick while logged out).

    At launch, Undermine becomes available to everybody from levels 1 onward, allowing you to always get somewhere quickly, assuming you have completed the appropriate quests (similar to the old flightmaster quests from levels 1-10) to unlock travel to different zones. Certain areas of Undermine will be blocked off until you reach the entry level and complete a short quest, but otherwise, the city is open to all comers.

    Interested in PVP? Bribe the goblins in a section of the city. Players will get a whisper that they have 2 minutes to find shelter/leave the area, then it will be open season for up to 10 minutes (unless somebody pays the guards to come back. Gotta love goblins). You can also build reputation with the trade princes by turning in items they find of value, such as fallen champion's weaponry or armor from PVP and leftover radiator coolant from dungeons/raids.

    Swarms of Qiraji burst through across the continent from the underground, while the barrow dens in Hyjal and Moonglade are leaking power from the restored Emerald Dream as part of the reorigination process. With plants taking over most of the north, and bugs in the south, all of the races who call this continent home must work together in some capacity to keep themselves and others safe. Players will initially gain access to the underground from the re-introduced overworld version of the Underhold from Siege of Orgrimmar and during questing open up additional capitals, including access to Undercity and Quel’thalas by passing through Undermine.

    Underneath, great rivers of lava flow from Winterspring all the way to Uldum. Naturally occurring steam vents are being routed by the goblins into rocket railways to be used for a price in traveling quickly from one underground area to the next or back to the surface. They must contend with earth and fire elementals, as well as the qiraji for space. The Earthen Ring and Cenarion Expedition have offered to help with this plight since they are already familiar with the insects and fighting against those who oppose Therazane’s decision to work with the fleshlings during the Legion’s most recent invasion.

    Most of the zones are named similar to their above-world counterparts, and the focus at launch is placed on the Greater Barrow Dens beneath Winterspring/Ashenvale, Undermountain beneath Hyjal, and Ahn’Qiraj, which extends beneath all of Silithus, most of Ungoro Crater, and parts of Tanaris. Future patches may include opening up the underground areas that are/were Onyxia’s Lair, Maraudon, Razorfen Kraul, and more. World quests will take place in each of these zones to build their storylines in the meantime.

    Eastern Kingdoms
    The Mechanicals’ primary force are located here, as the many dwarven and gnomish underground areas make for easy access to the world above. Gelbin has finally returned his people to Gnomeregan after finding a cure for their irradiated brothers and sisters, but now he must deal with mechanical incursions while also bringing mechagnomes into the faction. Most of his people are distracted, however, as they complete the newly redesigned tram system that extends from Gilneas to the Tainted Forest in Western Blasted Lands. Members of the Alliance can begin their adventures beneath Azeroth from any capital thanks to the gnomes, and to Teldrassil using passageways carved out and prepped for transport by the goblins of Undermine. At launch, Kul’Tiras’ embargo on travel/trade through its waters will shut down boat travel, which can be returned through questing.

    With the underground of this continent previously explored only in very specific places, there is much room to add new and interesting areas to explore. Initially, players will travel to areas specific to the mechanicals that were exposed during Azshara’s attacks on the world. Uldaman, the excavated Tyr’s Crypt, and several other titan-related areas are being targeted specifically so that the mechanicals can learn more about the flesh-bound races, and players are tasked with trying to prevent them from achieving their goals.

    Level-scaling world quests from 50 to level cap can lead to Patch content that includes overworld versions of Blackrock Mountain’s interior, the rest of Grim Batol, the Bastion of Twilight, Molten Core, amongst others.

    Mimiron’s attempts to reoriginate Azeroth have greatly upset the Nerubians, who are now attempting to break past Ulduar’s defenses and put an end to the Keepers there. Where Yogg’saron’s corpse festers, madness reigns, and the old god’s lifeblood still pulses throughout the continent, partially restored by the failed experiment. Though most remain confident he is still quite dead, his power seeps once more into the minds of those who dare look too closely.

    Azjol’Nerub is the main underground zone in Northrend, extending across the entire continent. The Mechanicals have, however, broken open the ground at Crystalsong Forest where they plan to set up a coup that will push into Ulduar. They too, must contend with the Nerubians, however, and it is up to Alliance and Horde to help keep that small war going so that neither side can gain a proper hold and begin their true assault on the Titan area.

    In future patches, players will explore the titan engines that are being overwhelmed by mechanicals who hope to start them running and finish the origination in full, thus resetting the world and everything on it. As with every other zone in this expansion, characters of appropriate levels can participate in scaling world quests (or still play through original storylines) to level from 70 to level cap if they are so inclined.

    Ra-Den’s presence is not so much known as felt, with the mechanicals flocking toward the Isle of Thunder, the Mogushan Vaults, and the Vale of Blossoms to awaken mogu who can aid them in Azeroth’s Restoration. With the mantid still in their current sleeping period, a scant few can be found who remember the wakeners and what they did for the race. They are willing to help deal with the mechanicals, if the fleshlings will help them protect the one who will be their new queen within the Heart of Fear.

    World quests in Pandaria will allow any players levels 85 and up to participate in expansion content (they can still go through the original MoP content as well). There is currently no planned patch content here.

    Broken Isles
    Players levels 100 and up can participate in world quests on the broken isles related to cleaning up the last of Azshara’s forces with Prince Farondis, re-establishing the Nightborn, building relations between the Drogbar and Highmountain Tauren, and protecting Stormheim and Val’Sharah from mechanical invasions. No patch content is currently planned for these zones.

    Outlands and Draenor
    Players who wish to participate in expansion world quests can go to Outland from 60 on and Draenor from 90 up. These world quests will help to explain the connection between these worlds and what happened to them as a result of the partial reordering of Azeroth. The Explorer’s League and other groups are combing both worlds to learn more about Nerzul’s portals, what happened to ultimately blow the original world apart, and what they can do to maybe somewhat restore it.

    The last patch (or two) of the expansion will have questlines leading back to both of these worlds in preparation for the next expansion, with the focus being the rediscovery of Deathwing’s Lair and Farahlon.

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    I've always entertained in my head the idea of an expansion that gives Blizz the opportunity to "fix" Azeroth after the mess of Cataclysm.

    What if the narrative jumps 100 or 200 years into the future. The world has healed itself in a period of relative peace, but with plenty of political drama and shadowy agents behind the scenes. The player character has different alternatives on how to move bring their progress into this future reality. Night elves and Blood Elves may still live through the centuries year time jump. While mortal races such as Humans and Dwarves can opt to either have their character frozen in time through some story contraption, or possibly create the narrative that their toon is the descendant of the guy that was around during Legion.

    With so much time passed, developers can reimagine Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor with new art, restructuring the zones, world quests and level scaling.
    Sythis - Vicious Cycle

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    New Dungeons
    Lower Gnomeregan
    Gelbin has allowed a select few adventurers from each faction to venture into the lowest reaches of his recently returned city so they can prevent the mechanicals there from ruining everything all over again. He does, however, warn that some of the failed experiments his people lost track of over their years in exile may have been reactivated and modified to be particularly dangerous now.

    The Attack on Undercity
    For Alliance, this dungeon begins in Undermine as they jump onto a tram and steal it, taking it through abandoned tunnels into instanced Undercity, coming out where Horde will enter the underground normally. Horde start in Tirisfal Glades near the entrance to the Beneath the Glades raid. Both sides have a unique experience leading to the rocketway entrance within Undercity, where the alliance fight through while setting up to protect their rear. Horde then come through to clear out what the alliance left behind. Once the dungeon has been completed once properly, a quest gives players an item that allows entrance from either location. When they enter through the portal in Undermine, they gain an Alliance Illusion if Horde. The same is true for alliance entering through Tirisfal. This allows both sides to experience the full dungeon.

    Gallywix’s Pleasure Palace
    It was obvious from the start that Gallywix could never be trusted, but the miser was able to worm his way into Sylvanas’ inner circle anyway, and when she and the rest of the Horde weren’t looking, he let Azshara in through their front door. Now, with the stolen titan technology from Ulduar in his possession, the former leader of the goblins has sided with the next highest bidder, the mechanicals, to see to it that he and his chosen few are left alone when the world is reset. That way, there will be nobody to oppose his rule of the reoriginated Azeroth.

    Disturbance at the Barrow Dens
    The reorigination affected all of the regions of Azeroth, but the Barrow Dens in Northern Kalimdor were hit worse than most. Now, ancient night elven spirits have awakened and see any intruders, including those who previously guarded them, as threats.

    The Crystalline Front
    Where once Dalaran hovered, mechanical devilsaurs now fly over Crystalsong Forest, preventing flight within that area, while beneath the surface, mechanicals and nerubians battle against any who wish to prevent their ascension to the Storm Peaks and their goal of Ulduar. Heroes will work once again with Bran Bronzebeard to keep tensions high on both sides by taking out key generals before facing off against the mechanical’s largest obstacle so far.

    Mogushan Uprising
    The Mechanicals have been hard at work trying to produce more mogu to help reshape the world into its former glory. If they are to be stopped, they must be dealt with on the Isle of Thunder and within the Mogushan Vaults. Thankfully, Loremaster Cho and a few other friends are there with their balloon to help make travel between the two a little less cumbersome.

    Raid: Restored Temple of Ahn’Qiraj
    The Qiraji seek to war with the upper world once more, and there is no better time than present considering everything is about to be destroyed anyway. With a host of new leaders having climbed the ranks in their army, and empowered by the rotting flesh of their fallen master, C’thun, the insects are ready to deal with those who think themselves above the all-seeing eye.

    Raid: Beneath the Glades
    Tirisfall Glades long held a dark secret recently exhumed when the legion attacked once again only to later be buried once again. Within the catacombs that incorporate Tyr’s Crypt, however, a gateway has reopened, and the void creatures within have been pressing their madness through the area, affecting mechanicals and fleshlings alike.

    Raid: Forge of the Mogu
    The mechanicals have rekindled the great forge at the heart of Pandaria (deep beneath where the well was) and are beginning to produce Mogu again who are loyal to only to the titans original plans. Ra-Den has traveled to the forge in hopes of shutting it back down before it causes the entire Vale of Eternal Blossoms to collapse, further destroying its beauty and killing the refugees who have lived there since Garrosh Hellscream and the Mantid attacked their homes. Unfortunately, the watcher has been unable to recapture his former power and must rely on heroes to go in and end the mechanicals’ plan.

    Raid: The Engine of Reorigination
    Since the Titans came to Azeroth and ordered it, Mimiron has guarded the engine that could be used to reoriginate the world should such an extinction level event be required and properly requested by Algalon. Had it succeeded, the reply code sent the by astral being would have been shot from Azeroth into the Dark Beyond, where it would relay with a titan device that would shield the world and monitor the nascent titan’s vital signs while it was being reordered. That signal would then come back to Ulduar and begin the process. When the signal was interrupted, it threw both sides of the device into disarray. Now, in order to finish closing the world wound, adventurers will have to manually kick the process off from the device protected by uldum-like creatures (tolvir, anubisath, etc) only to then stop it again at the engine itself which is full of Mechanicals before it destroys everything they love.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Plots and Stories
    The keeper, Mimir reaches out to the greatest technological minds Azeroth has to offer for help in modifying Algalon's reply code to only partially reorder the world in an attempt to heal the deadly wound inflicted by Azshara.

    Players return to Ulduar to help Gelbin Mekkatorque and the Newly Minted Trade Prince Gazlow. There, they discover that by stopping the reply code, they have halted the machine that begins the process and there is no easy way to restart it. In order to fix the device and tune it properly, they will need to travel to the shores of the Glistening Sea that were revealed when Azshara raised Nazjatar using her power (last patch of the previous expansion, meant to lead in). Up to now, the Glistening Sea was only a small zone and staging area for the assault on Azhara at the new world wound (previously the maelstrom).

    At the Glistening Sea, heroes are tasked with fighting back the mechanicals who are suddenly rising to the surface to "fix" Azeroth by destroying the flesh-bound infestation who they believe are trying to destroy her after years of repeated damage and attacks against the world itself. Once they have that under control, they must use a special collection device to gather raw titan blood from the sea itself and bring it back to aid in the repair of the machine. At expansion launch, Mimiron's plan comes to a head as the deposed Gallywix, accompanied by his new, mechanical allies, steals the device and disappears into the depths of the world.

    Main Arc
    The main story focuses on heroes working to heal Azeroth before it dies and breaks apart in much the same way the original Draenor became Outland. While they battle their way through different zones, the backstory of the mechanicals unfolds, revealing that they have always been there, waiting for the reply code to reset the world because it was their job. When they learned that the reply code was sent but never reached its destination, they took it upon themselves (with a little push from the former head of the horde goblin cartel) to clean up the races so that reordering could proceed as planned.

    The Horde
    Turmoil rests within the Horde once again after Gallywix attempted to subvert the faction and led them into a trap set by Azshara. Now that he’s been outed and his successor named, the Horde almost feels complete again. Sylvanas has taken well to the title of Warchief, having matured in her own way in order to properly lead the races who accepted her leadership. She has tasked Gazlow and the trolls’ new leader with tracking down the traitor while she focuses on relations with the mok’nathol and kvaldir who have come to her after the failed restoration of Azeroth.

    Meanwhile, the drogbar have made themselves comfortable amidst the zandalari who returned to Kalimdor when Azshara returned their sunken homeland to the surface. Navarogg now works with his people to mend old wounds between the recently returned trolls and the pandaren who joined the horde during Hellscream’s rule. When he’s not dealing with that, the leader of the under-dwelling race is helping lead expeditions into Azeroth’s underground to keep mechanical incursions at bay.

    The Alliance
    When Anduin confronted Sylvanas about the Horde’s betrayal on the Broken Shore, he was willing to believe her side of the story. When she later protected him from Azshara’s attacks in the World Wound, he thought they could finally start patching up relations between the factions again. Genn Greymane had other plans, however. In yet another confrontation between worgen and forsaken, Genn was repaid for his actions in Stormheim as the Banshee Queen dealt him a blow that has left him crippled in pain and unable to die. There is little time to worry about old hatreds, however, as the young king must first join the dwarves and gnomes in welcoming vrykul, earthen, and mechagnomes into the alliance thanks to a miscalculated use of Titan Technology in Northrend.

    With her father unable to lead, Tess has stepped up as ruler of Gilneas and married Anduin in a move to join their kingdoms indefinitely going forward. Now, as Anduin prepares to face the trials of the High King as his father before him, she is working with a willing few to capture some of Sylvanas’ alchemists in hopes that they can be made to cure her father.

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    The thing that surprised me is that you didn't use the opportunity to have the gnomes take back Gnomeregan, instead you used it to create another dungeon. I feel like this is something that's on the cards since we already started with Operation: Gnomeregan at the end of WOTLK and your concept seems to me to be the perfect place for this to happen.

    I think something that kinda ruins this idea for me is that there would not be much variation in the zones, they are all under the surface so I just imagine all the zones to be somewhat like Deepholm, dim and rocky, which I really liked, but I don't think I would have liked it so much if all the zones in cata were like this.

    I don't understand why Orcs and Draenei would be affected by the reverse curse of the flesh, I mean they were never titan constructs to begin with though I assume you have already thought ahead and decided on a lore reason for this.

    Honestly, the theme is not really my cup of tea, I think that the story is cool, healing Azeroth after Azshara damages her in a previous expansion, but I think that could all work without Tinkers becoming a thing and having it all be based below the crust.

    Just out of curiosity, why does everyone love the tinkerer idea so much?

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    The gnomes do get Gnomeregan back, but they still have stuff to clean up beneath it, which is what Gelbin sends adventurers in to do.

    The questing (particularly in Outland/Draenor) answers the question of why the orcs are affected.

    Zones wouldn't be all dim and rocky. Many of the zones would feel fine, with springs, little biomes, and where goblins or magic is involved an opportunity to see the sky above (thanks to tech).

    The theme won't be for everybody, and that's okay. Also, the option to roll through world quests to the level cap in other zones lets you go where you want. The expansion content isn't limited to the underground.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, the expansion's focus is on titan creations and mechanicals rising from within Azeroth (a'la the encrypted messages we get from Blingtron). The Tinker is simply an available class that would fit that theme.

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    Build a Legendary Reputation
    • When you complete group content (using dungeons as an example), you get up to 20 points of character/player rating. Everybody else on your team will see what the game is offering you based on how well you execute your roll (did you successfully beat/avoid mechanics as a tank, were you able to deal an acceptable amount of damage, or did you keep the party alive for a majority of the content?) Each individual can then offer you points up to what they earned as an addition to your own. Likewise, you can choose to offer points to one or more of your party members to help them along if you feel they earned them. You keep your points still, but this gives all players a chance to share in the reward. A perfect run can net everybody up to 100 rating.
    • Your rating can only ever go up. A bad run here or there means your rating may stay where it is, but the game won’t suddenly treat you like you don’t know what you’re doing.
    • Top-rated characters/players on each realm can be showcased online periodically and earn exclusive rewards, including a chance at a legendary item.
    • The UI for this feature will offer players who inspect you a look at your character score and your overall player score which will always be equal to or higher than your individual character. If you main a warrior and have earned 2300 rating, then switch to rogue, other players can still easily see that you know how to play the game, but you might still be learning that class.
    • Once you reach a specific rating, you are called before the trade princes, who will bestow upon you the title of “The Legendary” and give you access to a legendary chest you can customize and upgrade as you continue to play group content.
    • The item is bind on account, counts as the appropriate armor type for your current class, and scales in level from 50 to the cap, so you can send it to any of your characters.

    Become a Legendary Crafter
    • When you reach 1,000 skill in at least one primary profession, you can visit your Union Representative and begin the quest to craft an amazing, legendary chest piece.
    • Each profession must obtain their legendary component for the item by completing their questline. This can be repeated with a per-character cap of enough of the component to trade for one of each of the others.
    • Components cannot be sold on the auction house, only traded for other components on the same server. You can mail components between your own characters.
    • Once you have one component from each profession, you can craft the chest piece and turn it in to the trade princes for their review.
    • If you have two professions, this means you’ll end up with two extra components. Once your chest piece is made, the trade princes will gladly buy the remaining components for a fair price.
    • Having your secondary skills at 1,000 makes obtaining components easier by offering alternative options to gain them.
    • There are different, transmoggable appearances for the chest pieces that you can earn by crafting them again on other characters, if you are so inclined. They also each grant a small bonus to other character’s professions (1 for each profession and secondary profession).

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    Each crafting profession gains a full set of cosmetic armor for transmogrification in addition to the equipment they can make normally. In addition, Engineers and Jewelcrafters gain access to cosmetic weapons and shields, and jewelcrafters, leatherworkers, and scribes can make accessories that are visible on your character, such as tomes, quivers, and necklaces.

    Gatherers not only have faster access to materials, but they can now join a union to whom they can trade their wares for equipment, gold, and other rewards throughout the expansion.

    The Alchemists’ Union needs your help. Etcher, the local master, has been tasked by the trade princes with creating a more valuable currency than gold. Unfortunately, his attempts have met with no success. Maybe you’ll be of more help than his last apprentice (nevermind that gray puddle over there, he isn’t worth your time). He’s going to need samples of platinum from the platinum mines outside of the city. If you run into any blacksmiths or tailors along the way, be sure to use them as a distraction for the mechanicals guarding the mine. After all, they’re going to be of absolutely no use to you once you make the perfect money, anyway.

    New alchemy benefits include
    • The most beautifully transmuted cosmetic armor one could hope to create. Show off your alchemical pride.
    • A portable etching device with which you can create authentic platinum coins if you’re really, really, really careful. Really.
    • The properties discovered in glistening oil makes it the best professional discovery to date. Unfortunately, nobody has mastered how to transmute it yet. Instead, they just swish some into (yes, that’s a technical term) their existing potions, flasks, and elixirs to increase potency and duration. Warning, though, if you receive a buff lasting longer than four hours, you may need to visit a medic.
    • Of course, transmuters can also use the unexpected properties of glistening oil to change stones of various types into others, make pristine moleskin or wormscale, pre-treated mesh, or pure platinum. Runoff from these practices can be collected and recombined back into more glistening oil.
    • Curiously, it turns out that the substance, when drawn directly through herbs or combined with trace other elements, can even bring about evolution and de-evolution (albeit, temporarily) of the various races of the world.

    The Currency War started when the trade princes reached out to the Crafters’ Unions of Undermine in search of a new form of currency that didn’t take up so much space. According to them, adventurers were beginning to complain of back injuries and an inability to get around easily with upwards of 200,000 gold or more in their backpacks at any given time, not to mention the sheer amount of gold just lying around in vaults that could be used instead to push goblin technology into the next era.

    As an assistant to the Blacksmiths’ Union, you are immediately conscripted by Minter to help him press Authentic Platinum Coins. He suggests you lie, cheat, or steal your way into the platinum mines guarded by zealous mechanicals and the tailors’ union; but if you happen upon some of the rare metal on your own more power to you. Just don’t tell any of those no good alchemists where you found it or they might get ahead in the war effort.

    New blacksmithing benefits include
    • Your very own platinum armor cosmetic set that’s probably worth hundreds of thousands of gold, but since it’s customized to you nobody will want it.
    • A portable money press to mint your own authentic platinum coins with maximum loss potential (hey, nobody’s perfect, except maybe Minter).
    • Glistening oil burns best when it comes to fashioning, repairing, and upgrading equipment from gyrestone ore and impure platinum ore.
    • Using pure platinum ore before crafting grants a buff that guarantees your next crafted item upgrades by one category (it still has a chance to upgrade again).

    Until now, the elves have held a firm monopoly on enchanting that even the ingenuitive goblins couldn’t hope to beat. Now that pockets of the emerald dream are opening up across Azeroth, they may have an opportunity. As one of the inaugural members of the Undermine Enchanters’ Union, it falls to enchanters seeking to raise their skill to 1,000 to siphon the emerald dust that collects at these tears and off the equipment they disenchant. Thanks to the formative magic within emerald dust, it can be used as a viable substitute for any lower-quality dust. Undermine’s own gravity press can likewise turn the dust into lesser and greater emerald shards when they are unable to harvest them directly.

    New enchanting benefits available include
    • The most enchanting of cosmetic outfits straight out of a children’s story, complete with a rather crazy head piece.
    • Use combinations of dust, shards, and glistening oil to attract companions and a very special mount from the Emerald Dream.
    • Emerald Nodes that appear randomly when an enchanter is around can be tapped by enchanters for dust and shards. They will occasionally draw plant and fey creatures out of the emerald dream that must be dealt with, but which offer additional materials once dealt with.
    • In outland and draenor, the emerald dream’s presence can be felt after the reorigination process on azeroth pushed through the dark portal into those worlds. The combination of alien magics has twisted the living creatures of those worlds, particularly the native orcs. Rather than destroy them as unknowns, the magic seems to accept the race and transform them, leading some to speculate that Aman’thul in his all-seeing and timeless wisdom, had prepared for the possibility of orcs in Azeroth’s future. This could also be a result of the orcish hero Broxigar’s trip through time to the War of the Ancients before the Sundering.

    When you arrive at Undermine, you can visit the Engineering trainer and complete the small quest line beginning with, “Tinkers stole our Jobs!” Upon completion of this quest line, you gain access to craft engineering products requiring up to 1000 skill. You also gain access to Gadget, a special vendor to whom you can trade damaged parts for older engineering items with which to craft equipment like dimensional rippers, guns, and helmets from previous expansions.

    New engineering benefits available this expansion include
    • A gear-head cosmetic outfit reminiscent of all your favorite steam-punk paraphernalia.
    • Weaponry and shields that also serve as useful tools for your crafting needs.
    • a drill machine that acts as a gyreworm
    • a portable drop zone that allows you to dismount from a taxi anywhere and fall safely for 15 seconds, or until you touch down.
    • a friendship “ring” that can be charged up to summon a single party or raid member to your location. The ring is BOE and charging stones can be bought and sold on the auction house. The ring itself requires 12 hours after use to become stable again. Of course, there’s always the chance of mishap, such as teleporting to the wrong continent or to your nearest spirit healer (as a corpse).

    The head of the Scribes’ Union lives his life by the good book. No, really, he keeps the trade princes’ personal ledgers on him at all times. Or, at least he did. With everybody fighting over money (more than usual), he seems to have misplaced some of the most important goblin documents in all of history. Thankfully, a fresh batch of union recruits can work their way to 1,000 skill by helping a goblin out.

    New inscription benefits include
    • The finest in banking attire with a wonderful, cosmetic outfit that lets everybody know, you are a real money maker. Complete with ledger.
    • Speaking of which, a personal ledger with which to track the gold available across your account can be crafted and sold on the auction house. Using it at your local bank allows you to draw money directly from other characters on your server for a small (30c) fee just like logging out to mail it.
    • Scribes can also make accessories, such as tomes to be worn by paladins, priests, warlocks, and mages. They can also carve tiny fetishes for druids, monks, shamans, and demon hunters.

    The Undermine Jewelcrafters’ Union is looking for new ideas, and members of the profession are welcome to help come up with the latest in fashionable accessories when they begin the quest, “Every Kiss Begins with Kaja,” and leads to their most profitable Bishop Takes Pawn Shop, where they can trade prototype platinum coins for older gems and other crafting material from Azeroth and beyond.

    New jewelcrafting benefits include
    • The ultimate bling cosmetic outfit. Style yourself in this Perfect, Imperial, Majestic, Purple suit and hat, complete with a jewelcrafter-specific necklace accessory.
    • Necklace accessories can also be made for any class, including druids, and remains visible even while shapeshifted.
    • Jeweled weapons and shields that aren’t so much functional as they are very, very pretty.
    • Cubic Zirconium, a very real gem which can be converted into a charging stone or attached to any ring or necklace for bonuses, but interferes with enchantments for some unknown reason.
    • Cutting electrite (yellow), goblinite (green), gravite (purple), magnite (red), solrite (orange), or polarite (blue) has a chance to proc rare or epic cuts, and those that aren’t so perfect can be finely ground into powder that is then pressed into rare/epic gems using the one-of-a-kind gravity press in Undermine.

    Newly inducted members of the Leatherworkers’ Union can learn tanning techniques that will make their wormscale or moleskin leather identical to older leathers found elsewhere. When they’re finished, they will receive an honorary Tanner’s Degree and the ability to raise their skill to 1,000.

    New Leatherworking benefits include
    • A wonderful, leatherworking cosmetic outfit that really puts your expert use of skins to task.
    • Use a pristine wormscale or pristine moleskin and gain a buff that will guarantee your next crafted item upgrades by one category (it still has a chance to upgrade again).
    • Craft bandoleers, belt pouches, and quivers for rogues, tinkers, and hunters, or scabbards for warriors, paladins, and death knights.
    • Treat used, soulbound items with new materials found in various content at your Union Hall to upgrade them over time so they remain relevant. Earn glistening oil by completing world quests, dungeons, arenas or battlegrounds, and from raid/world bosses. The harder the difficulty, the more you can earn, up to 7 each week. Even better, this value rolls up to 28 over the course of 4 weeks, so if you can’t participate for a week or two, no problem; you can catch up once you return. Remember, though, your body can only survive so much exposure to the oil, limiting you to 2 pieces of modified equipment worn at launch.

    Tailors from all over the world come to Undermine to learn how to weave elaborate thread and mechweave. Rumor has it, the goblins are even attempting to create a useful form of cloth currency that weighs almost nothing but is valued as bank notes in exchange for gold. As a member of the Tailors’ Union, you will spend your journey to 1,000 skill tasked with helping to fabricate the best combination of threads that can be woven together and stamped with the authentic goblin seal of approval. Be careful, though, for the competition from the minting and etching teams in the blacksmith and alchemists’ unions is fierce.

    New Tailoring benefits include
    • The nuances of your authentic, technicolor mechweave tailoring cosmetic outfit knows no equal. Using special dyes previously only available to guild tabard vendors, you can really make this set of equipment your own.
    • Use pre-treated mesh to gain a buff that will guarantee your next crafted item upgrades by one category (it still has a chance to upgrade again).
    • Weave elaborate threads found in various content into existing equipment and upgrade it over time. Glistening oil can also be combined with runic catgut to make elaborate thread. Runoff from the process can then be sold back to any vendor or be combined into more glistening oil.

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    lol the flavor for these different profession unions is great. Taking the idea of class halls and coming up with profession equivalents is a nice idea too, and seems like a logical progression of such things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    lol the flavor for these different profession unions is great. Taking the idea of class halls and coming up with profession equivalents is a nice idea too, and seems like a logical progression of such things.
    Thank you much.

    Currency and Auction House Enhancements
    Naturally, the goblins have many secrets for making money. After all, they not only run the most lucrative banks and auction houses, but they also mint the most common coins in all of Azeroth. Undermine is where they keep the massive gold supply to back their currency.

    Want to buy a specific number of products? The Auction House UI will now allow you to enter how many of a product you wish to purchase and automatically take that many from the lowest selling up until you get what you want, you run out of money, or they run out of product. No longer will you have to click and buy 1 platinum dust after another to get the 20 you need.

    Have more cash than you can handle and need to transfer servers to join your friends? You can visit any of the currency exchange officers now located in banks around Azeroth and purchase some Authentic Platinum Coins, worth 10,000 gp each. They stack to 100 and cost only 12,600 gp to purchase, less Trade Princes reputation discounts (about 10,500 gp at exalted). Occasionally, these coins can also be found when pickpocketing humanoids levels 118+ and might drop from humanoid mobs upon their death (at about the same rate as getting an epic world drop). Finally, alchemists and blacksmiths can create authentic platinum coins as part of their professions.

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    The Herbalists’ Union of Undermine have their hands full seeking plants with the right amount of acidity for etching, but which can be cut with other ingredients into palatable potions or ground into ink. They are in desperate need of new blood to help discover the proper technique for harvesting roots from around the world. With the help of new union members seeking to reach 1,000 skill, they can do that. When a player joins the union, they will be tasked with gathering 5 of each of steel root, dream root, fel root, and silk root from around Azeroth and Outland/Draenor and 1 of the rare lotus root.

    New Herbalism benefits include
    • Earn your own special herbalists’ cosmetic outfit
    • Harvest roots from older herbs, such as extracting dream root from dreamfoil or dreaming glory.
    • Use roots as supplements for older herbs, such as lotus root for golden lotus or frost lotus.
    • Create worm holes through which you can travel quickly to the nearest flightmaster or major gathering locations such as the farm on Pandaria, the herbalism hut in Draenor, or the Union Hall in Undermine.
    • Fall down a convenient rabbit hole after you pick an herb and discover what’s on the other side.

    Given their vast city is located underground to start with, it should be no surprise that the goblins of Undermine have a booming Miners’ Union. Signing up as a member of the union involves bringing samples of one’s work and practicing with the tools of the trade, such as magnetic compasses and all-important drills.

    New Mining benefits include
    • The world’s best mining cosmetic outfit awaits you.
    • Create magnetic compasses from all available ores that point you in the direction of deposits.
    • Gain access to the union’s drills that can be used on cool down (of about 5 minutes) to mine an outdoor or underground area in an attempt to discover a deposit, rich deposit, or seam of some kind. Be careful, though, as drilling in the wrong places has potentially dangerous consequences such as striking glistening oil for a group (careful, it’s hot), or drawing the attention of mechanicals who will attack on sight.
    • Locating diamond veins has a chance of leading to the mechanicals’ diamond mines within the deepest reaches of Azeroth. Here, you can fight off defenders and work toward capturing a section of the mine for a short time, which in turn gives you a significant discount to most purchases in Undermine and other goblin-related locations as well as other benefits.
    • Fall down a convenient rabbit hole after you mine some ore and discover what’s on the other side.

    On their journey to 1,000 skill, skinners will inevitably meet with a member of the Skinners’ Union, who will offer to sponsor their membership if they pay his dues for the month by bringing in enough moleskin leather and wormscale for two contributions. After joining, every member of the union will have an opportunity to earn a one-of-a-kind knife from Bowie, trade prince and head of the Skinners’ Union.

    New Skinning Benefits include
    • Blend into natural surroundings with a personalized cosmetic outfit.
    • Maximize skinning potential by learning how to leave a carcass behind so others can still loot/skin it as well.
    • Collect pheromones to attract additional beasts or mask your scent from nearby predators (including beasts, dragonkin, mechanicals, and undead), making them non-hostile to you for a short time.
    • Clean leather and use it as a blanket to earn rested experience anywhere in the open world or non-instanced underground.
    • Locate the ancient skin-walker and learn how to become a beast yourself

    Budding archaeologists seeking to reach 1,000 skill are directed to the archaeologists’ union, where they will meet and learn from key members of the Reliquary and the Explorers’ League, who are not only willing to trade fragments, but who can also help set their students on the right path to a specific solve from all available historical groups.

    New Archaeology benefits include
    • Discover dark-troll, mechagnome, and qiraji artifacts.
    • Coordinate archaeology solves with friends so you can work together at each of your dig sites.
    • Go on raid expeditions with fellow archaeologists, which open up entire zones for digging and have a chance to spawn world bosses.
    • Speak with a Reliquary or Explorers’ League member to start seeking fragments of a specific artifact. You will still have to do most of the leg work, but at least you’re not spending your days finding combs and broken mirrors. Going on the lookout for something specific means setting aside what you already have, so make sure to keep as few loose fragments on hand as possible. Also, you don’t want to get your notes jumbled, so you’ll only be able to seek one specific artifact at a time.
    • Goblin restoration specialists are the best at helping you gather pristine versions of the artifacts you’re working on, provided you can find something they’re interested in to trade for their services. Also, you’ll often discover that these pristine pieces require more fragments, or keystones, and only in specific combinations.
    • Rare solves include the mechagnome’s Temporal, As well as, Relatable, Directionally, Illogical, Supplanter that can displace you from where you are to various locations such as the Bronze Dragonshrine in Northrend, the Caverns of Time in Tanaris, or the Time-Lost Glade in Nagrand (Draenor). It even has a cool whooshing noise and blinking lights to tell you it’s working while you summon it.

    So many good foods come from the earth itself. Potatoes, carrots, and turnips, to name a few. Even better, underground-dwelling creatures like rabbits and snakes make for delicious meals when prepared correctly. Meet with Henry Hyjal in the Chefs’ Union at Undermine to begin learning how to cook wonderful food as your work up to 1,000 skill. He might not be allowed to sell glistening oil, but he does have plenty of accessories to help you cook with it. Including the Strictly Land-based dual oven and grill.

    New cooking benefits include
    • Access to recipes and ingredients from around the globe and beyond.
    • Prepare meals like rock soup, wabbit stew, and au gratin.
    • Foodie connoisseurs Millie and Neal are looking for exotic foods that you may not have cooked in a while. They offer raises in your skill, even if the food won’t.
    • Legendary cook, Allen Theodore Riceberry is in Undermine looking for new talent. A.T.R. hosts a great competition for cooks of various skill-levels for the chance to win an authentic platinum coin (worth 10,000 gp). Just be careful you don’t get nicked.
    • Talk to Pop-Pa to start your own cookeria at an inn of your choosing. Prepare foods on request to build skill while also earning some reasonable tips. Do well enough, and you may even get a visit from the fiery host of Dalarans, Durotars, and Drags.

    First Aid
    Haus, Expert Healer heads the doctors’ union of Undermine, and he is looking for his 13th lucky student to join him on his adventures in pseudo-medicine. Work with the unorthodox first aid master as he triumphs over strange diagnoses and the machinations of his rival, Cutty, and raise your skill up to 1,000 along the way.

    New first aid benefits include
    • Cosmetic surgery kits allow for barber-shop changes anywhere.
    • One-size fixes all bandages that heal a % of health over time with no over-healing. They’re a great supplement to help a fight go just a little bit longer in case the healers are dead or to ease a sudden spike of damage.
    • Knowing when to use the right root for the job allows you to use herbs to remove debuffs of specific types. As with most non-magical healing, there are limits, of course.
    • Ailing patrons, wounded adventurers, and sickly commoners can be diagnosed and treated for increases in skill, as well as payment in the form of goods or gold.

    Fishing has been in a better place since Legion, and continues that trend in this expansion. Players can still work toward their fishing artifact pole by capturing rare lures from pools of glistening oil which can be exchanged for lures appropriate to older content. As you fish your way to 1,000 skill, you’ll also earn a place in the Fishers’ Union.

    New fishing benefits include
    • Cast a net in hopes of catching most of the fish in a pool.
    • Restock the waters in an area to help encourage spawning pools of fish.
    • Run a hatchery you can use to raise and capture specific fish over time.
    • Chum the waters of an area to attract rare mobs that you can capture and bring back to Undermine for fame and glory.

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    Added both a logo and a map that I created with much time and effort to try and provide a better visual.

    * Red paths are horde-specific, while blue are alliance. The path to the World Wound can be used by both. Points of intersection are where each faction can go to path elsewhere or back to Undermine.

    * Pathing acts like flight paths, taking you to specific locations via digging mounts in case you don't have one. No flight-path discovery necessary, but some paths can't be ridden down until you unlock them through small questlines similar to delivering food to Orgrimmar via flight master. These questlines open up as you level.

    * When you have your own digging mount, you can pass through the continental divides (barriers between continent zones) quickly (no loading screen) similar to how you can cross over a mountain into a zone on upper Azeroth. Phasing allows you to seamlessly travel out of (for example) Undermine to the west and find yourself in Lower Durotar, or south-east from Azjol Nerub into the Drogbar Deeps on your way to Titan's Rest. In the event that future expansions allow access to other locations, additional holes through the continental divide can be opened up and phased appropriately so characters never feel like the world is disconnected (a big goal after Cataclysm).

    * Within individual zones, ground, digging, climbing, and swimming mounts can be ridden freely. The goblins will need your help working on technology that will also allow you to fly in the heavier gravity of underground Azeroth.

    * Pathing also allows characters to climb back to the surface of Azeroth from many locations conveniently outfitted by goblins and gnomes so you can recognize them. This means that characters leveling up can path to new areas of the world quickly by taking a trip down to Undermine first. Did you just hit 58 and want to go to Outland? Hitch a ride from Undermine to the dark portal, or ride your digging mount toward the south-east corner of the map.

    * Zones themselves offer a variety of visuals. Not everything is bleak underground caverns. In addition, with a portable sky box crafted by engineers, you can make any underground zone look as if it's above-ground, under an ocean, in the middle of a storm, or one of several other options available.

    * Leveling has a similar feel to Legion, with each expac-leveling zone scaling to match yours. Other zones will often scale only to the level cap of that expansion, but world quests within those zones will provide relevant challenges and experience all the way to the cap. You could potentially level from 50 all the way to level cap on any continent once you meet that zone's minimum level requirement for world quests.

    * At level cap, Help Mimiron to open Ulduar's lower entrance into the Underground and defend against both the mechanicals and the Nerubians as they push into the greater sections of the city not previously seen within the raid (which itself is now open to travel around without instancing).

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    Subraces and Class Distribution
    In Tides Beneath Azshara (TBA), players were introduced to new subraces for trolls, blood elves, draenei, night elves, and pandaren. In The Realms Within, players can further customize their orc, undead, goblin, human, dwarf, and gnome characters as well.

    Subraces have the same racial perks as their primary races, but can have different classes available to them. Zandalari trolls and high elves/half elves, for example, can become paladins, while furbolgs are able to become warlocks.

    This trend continues in the new expansion as well, with vrykul and kvaldir being able to choose shaman as a class, but cannot be rogues or monks. In addition, orcs and vrykul can be druids, while kvaldir and gnomes can become paladins.

    Dwarf Classes: Adds Tinker

    Earthen Classes: Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, Warrior

    Gnome Classes: Adds Paladin and Tinker

    Mechagnome Classes: Hunter, Mage, Priest, Tinker, Warlock, Warrior

    Vrykul Classes: Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior

    Drogbar Classes: Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior

    Goblin Classes: Adds Tinker

    Kvaldir Classes: Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior

    Mok’nathal Classes: Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior

    Orc Classes: Adds Druid and Tinker

    Starting Zones
    Another innovation continuing from previous expansions is the introduction of new starting character content for new races.

    Drogbar: The reordering has broken open the deepest reaches of the Drogbar Deeps, and mechanicals are attacking everything on their way to the surface. Desperate for help, Navarrogg sends the player out to request it from nearby Alliance troops, but is ignored as they deal with the effects on their own men. Luckily, several tauren and huojin pandaren are in the area and offer aid. When the dust settles, they are all called back to Orgrimmar to meet with Lady Sylvanas about the goblins who have been reverted to their drogbar state by the failed process.

    Earthen: The earthen continue to fight with the iron dwarves and the nerubians who live below them, but when the reorigination occurs, the nerubians turn their attacks toward Ulduar to the north instead. Hoping to provide some relief to the mechagnomes and Ulduar as a whole, the earthen reach out to Bran Bronzebeard and the Alliance for help. Using one of Mimiron’s railways, the player will travel to ironforge to meet with the dwarven council and discuss other dwarves being reverted to earthen by the reorigination, then swing around to Stormwind on the tram before heading back to Northrend with help just in time to start dealing with the mechanicals with whom the iron dwarves have now allied.

    Kvaldir & Vrykul: Vrykul and Kvaldir split a starting zone in Northrend, where the two races continue the eternal battle for glory until the reorigination happens, at which point the player seeks out their faction’s representative, who directs them to Stormwind or Undercity to find out what happened and offer their aid. Upon arriving at their capital, they find that members of the “lesser races” have been transformed into more of their kind, the curse of flesh having partially reversed. Now, they must not only act as emissaries, but also teachers of the glory and proper ways of battle.

    Thanks to level-scaling, death knights of these races have the same general starting experience as other classes because of their proximity to the lich king and already skewed perception of death. As they quest, they gain access to their abilities and talents the same way as death knights of other races.

    Mechagnomes: Panicking over the failed attempt at reorigination, mimiron activates several of ulduar’s defenders, including the player, and explains that they need to scour Ulduar for damage, assess, and repair as they’re able. Along the way, they will meet several keepers, help seal the gates from intruding mechanicals and nerubians, and have a brush with the corpse-mind of Yogg’saron. Once everything’s in order, the titan keeper tasks players with traveling to Gnomeregan via underground railway to meet with Gelbin Mekkatorque to discuss his gnomes and the reversal of the curse of flesh that many of them are going through.

    Mok’nathal: The Mok’Nathal clan has finally moved from Blades’ Edge Mountain in Outland to Azeroth, with the help of Rexxar after the defeat of the Legion. Now safely living in the south-eastern side of Highmountain, they have a new hunting ground. Unfortunately, the reordering occurs, which throws a lot of the wildlife of the region into disarray and puts the kobolds and ettin on edge, forcing new players to resolve the conflicts related to those creatures before being escorted by Rexxar once more to Orgrimmar, where Warchief Sylvanas welcomes them into the horde and explains that, thanks to the magic unleashed by the reorigination, a handful of orcs are now also half-ogres who would probably like to meet with more of their kind as well.

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    A crafting expansion? Go back to playing Minecraft

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    So you want to wound the baby titan by digging deeper into it?
    when all else fails, read the STICKIES.

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    No offense but sounds boring as hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stigz View Post
    A crafting expansion? Go back to playing Minecraft
    Crafting is a focus, yes, but not the only one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flatspriest View Post
    So you want to wound the baby titan by digging deeper into it?
    Players would work toward healing the world soul, there was just a failed attempt to do so that prompts the expac.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shammyrock View Post
    No offense but sounds boring as hell.
    to you*

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    I want to travel inside Azeroth and raid her Titan butthole.

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