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    Huh, didn't know people liked it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syegfryed View Post
    Now you can get then from blackmarket, its like some bone they trowed after some maddening runs, i still didn't get after hundreds of tries, so i save money and cheek out if they are there, yet, it will feel like im not doing the right way, like im cheating.
    Never realized that i didn't post after i got mine, yeah i did drop, i think it was one or two years after this post, who knows maybe i got more than a thousand tries, doing weekly with 5 characters and the rerolls heroic and mythic, but it drop on my paladin, but i of course only use on my orc warrior.

    Now the next pain in my ass is agrammar sword, that shit never drop to me man

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    Level up 27 warriors and spend the rest of your days in Orgrimmar.

    It's the only way!

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    Fun story about the Tusks.
    I never raided SoO in MoP so I didn't have any clue what was the loot from it. A friend of mine invited me for a SoO mythic run in WoD and they were on Garrosh. I joined because they told me a mount can drop. After we killed Garrosh I used a coin and got tusks from bonus loot and I was like damn.. no mount. Then my friend was like.. wait what? You got the Tusks bro..? I didn't even know how rare they were. So yeah, basically I got the tusks from the first try ever. Guess I am lucky bastard.

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