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    Does it have to be same account? If I have 2 accounts and I leave the alt with 13/14 logged in does that screw with the lockout? I obviously could try all this and see, but if I can save a little time (and lockout) I'd like to know before hand.

    A separate account should work just as good!

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    Hello community! I'm at around 350 kills, no tusks on the horizon but still going.

    Can I ask, is running mythic SoO once a week even worth it? Or is it just better do to more heroic/bonus roll attempts?

    Thanks for your opinions!

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    I did it. I didn’t need the mount but still found it worth it. Got all my transmog items and the loot bosses drop in mythic is significantly more then heroic. If you have the time then go for it.

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