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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjason View Post
    personal loot current content gets 6 pieces instead of 4 iirc.

    legacy loot is for heroic / normal dif.

    mythic was already capped at 20 people and all the loot for 20 people droped even if you were alone.

    but with the new legacy loot system i bet you wont get the stuff you want faster also... because just that there is more loot dropping it doesnt mean that the one thing you miss will drop. we all know this... the RNG "knows" what we are missing and will never give it to us... because if we would get it we wouldnt play anymore ;D
    Tinfoil hat much

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    560 kills already. Does anyone use 2 characters (different realms) to skip the whole 1 hour wait lockout? I tried going inside SoO multiple times on a diff character on another realm and it worked so I'm thinking of doubling my kills instead of waiting 1 hour for nothing

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    Maybe think the guy who said items off of seals has been reduced? I've gone through 50 seals and counting and not had a single item now o.O

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    1243 kills and still nothing, love blizzard, love RNG <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by KappaKeepo123 View Post
    Best way to farm Tusks of Mannoroth?
    Balls deep in a dead tranny
    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Oberyn Martell View Post
    Islam is a race. End of discussion.
    Nazi btw

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