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    Quote Originally Posted by Finnish Nerd View Post
    How do i farm them now that autojoin is gone? I have 3 characters to farm them with.
    you can still do it, but now is taking long, its rly boring and tiring, im not even doing more than 1 coin roll to maintain mental healthy

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    Quote Originally Posted by beeppee View Post
    Step 1: Have an alt with 13/14 HC save
    Step 2: List a group in dungeon finder
    Step 3: Turn on auto inv
    Step 4: Log your character you want to farm on
    Step 5: Apply to your own group
    Step 6: Enter SoO, pull the last mobs to Garrosh to skip the roleplay
    Step 7: Kill the trash standing at Garrosh
    Step 8: Kill Garrosh and leave the party before last phase to get teleported out. (I usually leave at 50% in phase 2)
    Step 9: When outside, log your alt and repeat the process.

    You can extend the lock every week with your alt.
    I have done some farming..
    eu battle net/wow/en/character/stormscale/B%C3%A4rs%C3%A4rken/simple
    This still working?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillboy View Post
    This still working?
    Yes, but since auto invite no longer exists, you have to log your alt one extra time to accept your own request to join the group.

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    If you don't mind paying a little gold, it's a lot faster to just buy another account and load it on another screen for much faster invites/resets.

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