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    how to bot gold and be unbannable

    im sick of these COD bots on my server Frostmourne... there is about 5 of them now

    the main one is --SNIP-- clearly not a real player its just a bot running 24/7 spamming trade but mention this on the official blizzard forums and they will lock your post for mentioning a "player" name

    apparently he is making so much gold from doing it he just started up --SNIP-- so now he has 2 Accounts spamming trade and Blizzard allow this

    ive sent in 3 reports about --SNIP--now and nothing is done so just sharing this here if anyone is interested in getting gold while afk here is a way to bot / piss off thousands of players on your server and never get banned

    what do you guys think about this why is spamming trade nonstop with a macro/bot not a bannable offense? is there anything we can to do make Blizzard deal with these bots?

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    I think you should be banned for harassing players like that. Whispering other people they're trash is not very nice at all.

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    Naming and shaming is not acceptable here. Your interpretation of someone's actions may or may not be correct and getting them harassed by revealing their details to the online community is definitely a problem. If you feel they are breaking in-game rules, report them to Blizzard and leave it alone.


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