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    883 fury warrior 5/7 Mythic EN looking for NH Guild

    I am a 883 fury warrior, artifact level 46, 5/7 mythic en. Looking for a guild for Night Hold, that runs between 8-1130 est time. I am available Monday through Thursday.

    link to my armory

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    Hordelivesmatter: Progression 7/7 Mythic EN and 3/3 H ToV
    Server Cluster: Spirestone/Stormscale/Firetree/Rivendare/Drak'Tharon/Malorne

    Raids: Mon/Tue/Wed 9pm - 12am Eastern Time ( susceptible to change in the near future)


    Range DPS:
    Shadow Priest
    Balance Druid
    Elemental Shaman
    Melee DPS
    WW Monk
    Demon Hunter
    Enh Shaman

    We're looking for any and all exceptional players that want to progress into Mythic Nighthold Content and/or hold leadership positions. That includes casual players that are looking for a place to call home that is active, productive, and helpful.

    About Us:
    We're a semi hardcore guild that's interested in progressing into mythic content in a semi casual manner.
    We pride ourselves in our ability to provide help to those who need it and in developing the abilities of our members. We're a group of mature players with real life experiences that help provide a productive and learning environment both in game and out of it.
    Constantly farming mythic plus dungeons, world quests, and the occasional pvp ( can't have a dope name and not pvp).

    If you have any other questions you can contact me here or by adding through battle tag : pappichulo#1883

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    <Never Lucky> - Stormreaver - US - [H], is recruiting solid, reliable players for Nighthold and beyond!
    We are mostly veteran raiders who are tired of and don't want to commit to 3+ days of raiding a week. We
    formed to create a place where we could raid for 2 days but have the solid performances to still complete
    content long before it becomes irrelevant. We are currently recruiting all classes and specs.

    We are looking for players who are:
    -On time. Attendance is very important when we are pushing content in a shorter amount of time!
    -Ready for raiding. We want you to have the motivation to at least look up a fight enough to know what they should expect.
    -Knowledgable about their role! Know which spec/gear/talent/glyphs would be optimal for each encounter.
    -Fun and easygoing! We are not hardcore and as such we expect funny wipes and errors. Be able to laugh off comments and take criticism.

    Raid Times will be Tuesday/Thursday 7p.m. CST to 11p.m. CST.

    If interested add me on btag: Lukas#1674 or take a look and apply at our website at neverlucky.shivtr.com

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    Bladesong 3/10M Zul'Jin is recruiting spots for our Mythic team.

    Turkkish#1340 is my battletag if your interested. We raid Tues/Wed/Thursday 8-11 EST.

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    <Antithesis> is a recent server transfer to Dalaran and looking to fill out our raid roster to roll through Heroic and get our feet wet in Mythic. We're Alliance-based and currently sitting at 7/7H 3/3H 4/10H.

    We're a tight knit core of lunatics, some of whom have known each other for ages, some of which are new additions to the crew, and all of whom want to push progression at a reasonable pace will still remembering how to have a good time.

    - Holy Priest (High)
    - Resto Shaman (High)
    - MW Monk (Medium)
    - Boomkin (High)
    - Spriest (High)
    - Warlock (Medium)
    - Ret Pally (High)
    - Warrior DPS (High)
    - Demon Hunter (Medium)
    - Mage (Medium)
    - Elemental Shaman (Medium)

    We will consider any/all exceptional players. We're an entertaining bunch, but we do expect that our raiders are committed, seeing that we only raid twice a week. As much as we looooove pugging, we'd love to have a solid bunch of regular raiders that can function as a cohesive, consistent team.
    We have an active group of Mythic+ enthusiasts, plan to run optional raids of all Legion content, and are looking forward to building up our new home on Dalaran.

    Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 8:00pm-11:30pm server/EST

    Discord, a sense of humour, and a good attitude required. Love of beer and break time gambling encouraged.
    B-tag: Dodgy#1284 or Araxiel#1332 - feel free to mail or whisper.

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