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    Unhappy The doom of a class with 3 dps spec in legion

    First i love the content of legion.

    I'm a PvE raider and what i like in WoW is:
    *optimizing my char
    *rank and improving myself

    What I'm starting to really hate about this extension is simple : you can't optimize your char for all the 3 specs (with a reasonable game time).
    And even if you try to focus on a single spec, you can't optimize it because of the legendary system.

    Before Legion, having 3 dps spec was something nice : you could easily play 2 specs during the same raid tier.
    The buff/nerf of a spec wasn't the end of the world : you switched spec, learned a new gameplay, liked or didn't like it but well every lock were in the same boat.
    One spec was good in ST, one spec in AoE : let's play both to optimize yourself.

    Legion :
    *you need to invest time in a spec to farm AP.
    *you need time and luck to farm legendary for a spec.
    *instead of a single weapon for all the spec you now needs 3 drops for a spec (not even talking about bis stats, bis relics, procs).

    It's creating frustration.

    At one point you are gonna choose a "main" spec, in which you are gonna invest time.
    *it's the best spec (there is always one) : nice !
    *it's not the best but close to the best : mkay
    *it's the worst spec : f*** it, you get frustrated because you invested time an sweat to be least efficient than players who invested less.

    At each buff/nerf/rework starts the same thing, some lock are gonna be happy.
    yeah my spec is good or i'm gonna be useless

    And it's even worst for the legendary systems :
    At least 3/4 of the reaction people have when receiving a legendary is : "oh god no ! Not this one !"
    With the same spec : buff one legendary which become the bis or nerf a bis legendary (making another one the bis) :
    *people getting buffed are gonna be happy
    *people getting nerfed are gonna be frustrated

    Example :
    I don't have feretory of souls, it's already one of the best legendary for destru (it's good in all situation and gonna be better with 4P).
    It's getting buffed.
    Random lock got it, he is super happy ! "Yeah i'm getting buffed !"
    My first reaction : f*** me, other lock with it are gonna be better.
    Second reaction : i hope it's gonna be my next legendary and not the RoF ring, ppppppllllllzzzzzz ...

    In other extension : you knew that at the end of a tier you were gonna have the bis or at least close to the bis of all you specs

    In Legion :
    you know that you won't have all the legendary, even for your specs !
    (most people got around 4 legendary / maybe 5).
    You know that when they are gonna add time consuming content (AP), you won't be able to have 2 optimized specs.

    What is even more stupid : the best way to have the best optimized char is to create a reroll of the the same class/spec until you have the perfect legendary drop...

    PS :
    *If we had only a single dps spec, you choose it and hope to have the bis leg but there is nothing you can do about it.
    *Spec can't be balanced : they have never been and never will be.

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    Some things are truly annoying yes. But i just say fuck it. I do mythic raids, but i usually don't cause wipes because of my non-optimal DPS for a specific encounter. Eventually i will have all 54 weps (i don't really farm AP, but i know it will come) and i can also have relics from many various places currently. I personally stopped caring about legendaries as well, got 3 general ones with 0 DPS increase and a Rain of Fire ring when i started the expac on destruction (the only way it could be worse is a Corruption ring). In EN i used all 3 specs i wasn't doing Rank1 parses, but i was OKish as i could choose and play a spec which was better on the fights in EN. Now i also was almost sure Afflic will win NH, but it seems like it's Demo, i put many AP now in afflic, but i also think about it as something which would be necessary in sometime for M+s anyway.

    So all in all yes, fuck the system that doesn't let you play your specs optimally, but i also say fuck optimal (other than the things i can optimize on the fights themselves), i play the game to enjoy it and these things can't stop me from that. I'm not chasing realm firsts so who cares. But i know it's a personal attitude and some people don't think like that.
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    I agree that random legendaries and AP grind were two of the worst ideas ever introduced to the game. And I hope we say goodbye to that system next expansion for good.

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    That horse is dead. Please stop beating it.

    We are where we are. Can't change it since they won't change it.
    I have a 54-trait destro weapon basically sitting in my bank. Working on getting the next one up since it's useless now.
    I had 2 BIS leggies for destro, now I'm envious of people with Prydaz.

    Shit happens. Accept or even embrace change and adapt to it. Or quit if you can't.

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    Yeah, and the worst possible thing they could have done is buffing affliction to be the best spec in 7.1.5. And of course they did exactly that....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stryg View Post
    *you need to invest time in a spec to farm AP.
    No you don't. This is why you have items that grant AP on use rather then everything being granted as direct reward. You can also get legendaries with out being in the spec if you set your loot spec to the one you want a chance at legendaries for. Chances are you won't do that since you likely still need legendaries for your "main" spec.

    And creating a brand new character to make use of the "first legendary" bonus is not the best way to optimize a character. People need to stop looking at maximum AP and X legendary as the only thing that matters. Will you be behind others that have more? Sure. Is it the end of the world? Nope. Is it the end of fun? Nope. Unless you are the top 1% of bleeding edge raiders (who usually do the content with out max AP or new legendaries) it doesn't even matter.
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    Mate I have 4 legendaries and only 1 of them is spec specific... so I hear you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by urdasergiu View Post
    Actualy demo is best now
    You think?




    Seems fight dependant.
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