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    Raider.IO Development Updates - Raids and Mythic Plus

    My girlfriend and I have been working on a raid rankings site called Raider.IO. Given that this is a new website we’d love to get community feedback as far as suggestions, bug reports, and various thoughts (good or bad) if you have them. All of your input is valuable to us!

    I'll be maintaining this thread to show our weekly updates as we make them.

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    January 27, 2017

    - Bosses on rankings pages are now sorted from left to right in the order in which the guild defeated those bosses
    - Usability feature on the rankings pages to let you more easily scan the order in which guilds are killing bosses, done by hovering over a boss icon in the list.

    February 7, 2017

    Addition of realm pages, accessible via "Realms" in the nav bar:
    - A list of all realms in a given region, grouped by the connected realm they are a part of
    - The type, faction balance, language, and time zones for the realms
    - And a chart indicating the distribution of raid progress for that realm at the chosen difficulty

    February 14, 2017

    - Add Guild page supports Realm Auto Complete
    - View Time Since Guild's Previous Boss Kill on Rankings

    February 21, 2017

    - Mobile support added

    March 1, 2017

    Filter the Realms list to specific Time Zones or Languages:
    - See only Oceanic realms:
    - See only realms in US Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones:
    - See realms designated for a specific language:

    March 7, 2017

    - Search for guilds, realms, bosses with auto suggested matches
    - Disbanded guilds now hidden from rankings, with the exception of the Hall of Fame page

    March 14, 2017

    First iteration of guild pages:
    - Guild progression across entire tier visible at a glance in the header
    - Each raid's World / Region / Realm rankings visible together
    - Per-boss World / Region / Realm rankings visible by clicking a row
    - You can click any of the ranks on a Guild Page to jump to that page in the appropriate leaderboard
    - Ability to queue guild directly from guild page

    March 22, 2017

    - Fixed a bug that was redirecting the realm rankings to the US rankings on individual guild pages
    - Reformatted the timestamps so they are easier to read
    - The guilds are now sorted in the search and shouldn't shuffle around like they did previously. At the moment the algorithm is trying to show the most "relevant" guilds first, but this might need some tweaking.
    - Searching for a realm now returns connected realm results as well
    - ASCII characters are treated as regular characters in the search field. This means if you search for "Mirage" you'll also find a match for the guild "Mîragè"

    March 27, 2017

    - Rosters have now been added to the guild pages, for first kills only (we plan on expanding this). There are problems we are working through where alts are showing up multiple times on kills - hoping to fix that soon.
    - Connected realms now pull up in the search

    April 4, 2017
    - We have added resource links (example: relevant raid guides from wowhead and fatboss) to the sidebars on all rankings pages
    - Speed improvements and bug fixes with our crawler

    April 11, 2017
    - Fixed bug where clicking Next/Prev on the rankings list would always scroll you back to the top of the page
    - Fixed bug on guild page where the 'right chevron' that you click on didn't rotate to be a 'down chevron' after clicking it
    - Added sidebar links to guild details page (latest raid links and general raiding links)
    - Crawler performance updates: the crawler will now not re-crawl/process characters if they haven't been updated since the last time they were crawled

    April 18, 2017
    - Implemented the back end changes necessary to begin scanning new types of content - not visible to the user on the front end but important work nonetheless!
    - We also took some community suggestions under advisement and modified the next/prev buttons on the ranking pages even further. Hopefully much nicer to use now.

    April 26, 2017
    - Character pages: View various progression details about characters by clicking on their names from any of the roster views.
    - Character search: We have updated the search functionality to include the ability to search for individual characters.
    - Add new character: From the same page you use to add a new guild to our database, you can now add your characters.
    - Mythic+ support: You can view a character's Mythic+ experience by visiting their character page. This will provide details about all the ranked Mythic+ runs the player has completed (important note: you must rank on Blizzard's official Mythic+ leaderboard to have runs show up here). It also provides a detailed view of the composition of the group, including the usage of: Average item level/Artifact Traits, Legendaries, Trinkets, and Tier Set Bonuses. Example page:

    You can also link directly to a Mythic+ run to share them with your friends by clicking the share button in the top right corner of the run. Example page:

    May 4, 2017
    - Mythic+ leaderboards (see post here for details:
    - Increased mobile support for the M+ pages
    - FAQ updated and given a place in the top bar navigation

    May 5, 2017
    - Added various Mythic+ links to sidebar on pages with Mythic+ data
    - Added full resolution clear time to Mythic+ pages (showing milliseconds). This is on-hover on the rankings pages, and just listed out on an individual run's page.
    - By default realms that are part of a connected realm will link to the connected realm when clicked. The only exception here is on the Realms listing page where you can individually click a realm to see it's page directly.
    - Updated titles for all pages to represent what you are actually seeing on the page
    - Trailing slashes will be automatically removed from the end of character/guild URLs
    - Backend crawler speed improvements
    - Added 404 "Page Not Found" Page

    May 16, 2017
    - Created a M+ leaderboard that merges all of the instances. This still needs a small visual update to include a column for the dungeon names, but the information is there for users to browse.
    - Added the option to view the Mythic+ leaderboards in "strict" mode, which completely eliminates all runs that did not make the timer from the list.
    - Added the ability to filter runs by affixes. Previously if you viewed a M+ dungeon's leaderboard you'd see all of the runs compared against eachother. You can still view it this way (it is the default setting) but if you want to drill down deeper you have the option to do so. The filters can be applied to both the default and strict leaderboards.
    - We have updated tool tips in the "Run Time" column to show the amount of time a run went over or under the timer.
    - You can queue up a server's m+ leaderboard for a scan on our queuing page. This is particularly useful for players that complete a run at the end of the week, close to the time that Blizzard resets their leaderboard. It's the best way to guarantee we get your run in before it's inaccessible.
    - We have added better (less obtrusive) social media icons to the navigation bar.
    - The FAQ has been updated with a little more information
    - Fixed an issue where we weren't tracking M+ runs done by groups consisting of players entirely on Azjol-Nerub (sorry guys!)
    - Fixed issue where characters with blank names sometimes showing up in M+ runs.
    - Fixed issue with the dropdown navigation bars highlighting and staying highlighted in odd ways
    - Fixed a bug with modal errors using white text on a white background, making the error message invisible
    - Backend crawler performance optimizations

    May 25, 2017
    - Revised Mythic Plus Leaderboards: Timed Runs Leaderboard, All Runs Leaderboard, and Characters Leaderboard
    - Per-character Mythic+ Rankings using a newly designed scoring algorithm
    - See post here for the full details:

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    Some people may immediately wonder why anyone would bother making a site like this when one already exists. I have a few answers to that.

    1.) It’s always good to have more options. Back in the day people said that same thing about Wowhead because everyone was used to Thottbot. Just because something out there already does the job, doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve upon the idea or to try something a little different.

    2.) Our guild is not a mythic raiding guild and we like the idea of people across multiple difficulties being represented within their respective “tiers”. This isn’t fully implemented yet but is definitely a priority for us. The idea of going to a rankings page and seeing how you compare against guilds similar to your own is very appealing to us.

    3.) It’s a labor of love. We’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla and have run successful fansites in the past. We like doing it and between the two of us (she’s an artist and I'm a programmer) we feel like we have the tools to make the sort of site that *we* want to use, and we hope that other people will want to use as well!

    All that said, we’re really appreciate any feedback you folks might have for us. The more constructive input we get in these early developmental stages the stronger we can make the website become as we put more time into it.

    You can find the site here:
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    You can't fool us Bozzel!

    For real though looks pretty neat at a glance

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    Looks nice but most players have progression races between guilds on their own servers. This doesn't give you the option of drilling down to a server level. Other than that the website looks great. A nice face lift over wowprogress which looks like it's from the 90's.
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    We definitely want to help support the realm/connected-realm guild competitions that are commonplace. Making the site navigation easier, so that you can more quickly get to your realm's progress is something high on our upcoming features list. For now, you are able to click on realm to go to that realm's progress page; there's just not a "realm browser" view.

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    So far it looks great, I really enjoy the layout. Going to start using this more than WoWProg once you flesh it out more with features, like the ones you've already mentioned.

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    It looks pretty cool, I'd love to see two things on it though.

    For the race to world first, maybe you put a raid open date so for NH it would be 1/24/17 and then a race complete date whatever that ends up being.
    Then I would say beyond that when you take a look at the tier as a whole you do dates for when it was current content. Current content meaning still able to get the FoS for the heroic and mythic kills.

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    I suppose it's all into google's hands to let it index it high enough to get the right traffic for such site

    I think it would be very cool to have a ranking of achievements and feat of strength counter by region and realm, currently there is no where in the internet I believe where you can see what guild is the best achivement wise

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    It's always like that. As soon as you get some attention your GF will say she did it all. You will part ways, she will get 10 dollars and wowprogress doesn't even know that you challenged them.
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    The layout for the boss kill icons on the main page are a little odd - what I mean is krosus is after tichondrius for limit even though tichondrius was killed first. It'd make more sense in my opinion either if you saw all bosses greyed out and coloured in the ones that have been killed, or that the icons appear in order of being downed.
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    which is kind of like saying "of COURSE you can't see the unicorns, unicorns are invisible, silly."

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    Thanks for all the feedback, guys! We've just deployed a few changes to the site and I wanted to relay some of the updates.

    - Bosses on rankings pages are now sorted from left to right in the order in which the guild defeated those bosses, and some adjustments to the layout were made to facilitate this (Thanks, Raiju!)

    - We've added a new usability feature on the rankings pages to let you more easily scan the order in which guilds are killing bosses (just hover over one of the boss icons to see what I mean).

    - Miscellaneous formatting issues on the front page, thanks to many suggestions from u/artog on r/wow

    We really want to work with the community in shaping to be a site that you want to use, so we really love the feedback.

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    Rather than making sites with your girlfriend, do some dirty stuff instead. That's my feedback.
    It was my duty to protect them... from myself.

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    We've been continuing behind the scenes on Raider.IO, and are now hitting a regular update rhythm. We're planning to release new features to the site once per week, on Tuesdays. Sometimes these may be small updates, and other times they'll be large updates.

    This week we'd like to introduce the Realm list page (sorry cannot post links just yet):

    On this page (accessible via the "Realms" dropdown in nav) you'll see:

    - A list of all realms in a given region, grouped by the connected realm they are a part of
    - The type, faction balance, language, and time zones for the realms
    - And a chart indicating the distribution of raid progress for that realm at the chosen difficulty

    Our intent with the chart was to help make it easy for a raider looking to find other realms to understand at a glance the sort of raiding activity that goes on in that realm.

    Are the other features you'd like to see on a page like this?
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    We've just launched a couple new features on Raider.IO and wanted to provide you all with the details. This update has an important quality-of-life feature along with something we think provides a cool way to look at the existing data:

    1) Add Guild page supports Realm Auto Complete
    You can now start typing part of your realm name on this page and it will help auto-complete it for you. This should make queueing guilds much easier than how it used to be. In addition, we've made this page remember the last region and realm you had queued up.

    2) View Time Since Guild's Previous Boss Kill on Rankings
    The boss tooltip on the guild rankings page now states how much time passed from that guild's previous boss kill to the current boss kill. This provides an easy way to learn about a guild's raiding successes and challenges: For example, we can hover over Method's Tichondrius kill and see that it took them 19 hours from Krosus before downing it. We could then hover up to Serenity's Tichondrius kill and see that it took them under 2 hours to kill Tichondrius. Huge difference! You can view a GIF example of this tooltip here:

    That's all for this week. More to come next week!


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    We've just released an improved mobile UI to Raider.IO. This new design should provide a much better browsing experience for your mobile devices across the entire site, from rankings, to the hall of fame, and realm listings.

    Check it out here:

    That's all for this week. More to come next week!
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    Screencap of the new improved mobile support!

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    United States & Oceania combined is kinda annoying. Wowprogress manages to split this :/

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    Hi Kaix -- we do plan to add additional realm grouping options, including: US/Oceania split, Regional Language splits, Regional Time Zone splits, and more.

    Thanks for voicing the desire!

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    We've got a brief feature update for today: You can now filter the Realms list to specific Time Zones or Languages.

    This allows you to:

    - See only Oceanic realms:
    - See only realms in US Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones:
    - See realms designated for a specific language:

    You can find this feature by hovering over the "Realms" dropdown (or clicking "Realms" in the mobile nav).

    More to come next week.

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    My guild doesn't appear on the site. 3/10 M

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    Any kind of ETA on the guild profile pages?

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