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In my experience, people very rarely rage quit from "high" keys (mostly speaking about 21+ now, but I have done lots of lower keys in past months as well). And when they do quit, they never admit it's because of the score. Some probably do, but some just get too tilted by the party. I have pugged roughly one 15+ dungeon in time (and more not in time) over the past 1 year, and I think I can recall a single run from a couple of months ago where someone told they are quitting from a +21 because we would not finish it in time.

It's all anecdotal evidence. Yours is as much biased as mine or Vluffyvlaush's.
Well he says raider.io scoring is not a reason to leave. It is and can be. That's all I'm saying and I've had people say it and leave. He then goes on by saying somebody can't lower their score. This is true but you can have a run not affect your score and obviously that is what the other people were talking about and mentioned, they just didn't bother to explain it so specifically when it is obvious to everybody else. I don't want this to be taken negatively against raider.io, the scoring system is fair and is a good part of what makes m+ more fun for a lot of people.