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    Rogue ilvl 897 (53 traits) 1/10Mythic NH LF Guild


    My name is Mange and I'm 27 years old from Sweden, I am currently looking for a new guild, swedish or english speaking.

    My current guild recently disbanded so therefor I'm looking for a new one.
    I've been raiding since the start of vanilla, and most of the time I've been pretty hardcore!
    I'am an experienced raider.
    I can change server and faction if your guild seems to fit my needs.

    What I'm looking for:

    - Mature and skilled raiding team.
    - 2-3 Raid days
    - Good leadership
    - Your goal is to clear the current continent as fast as possible.
    - Social and fun

    What I expect:

    - Absolute dedication, focus and respect towards others.
    - 10 min breaks between attempts? First pull 20 minutes after the scheduled start? No, thank you.
    - Common sense, strong team spirit and eagerness to raid from all raid members.
    - Good progress and aiming for good world rank.

    What I'm offering:

    - 897 ilvl Rogue (53 traits), I also have an alt, 886 MM hunter (40 traits)
    - Ability to adapt quickly and learn from my mistakes. I very rarely do the same mistake twice.
    - Learning tactics in advance, as well as providing myself with consumables and best enchants.
    - Common sense, and eagerness to raid.
    - Attendance above 90%.
    - Substantial knowledge of my class and specs.

    For more info add me: Fayzer#21577

    Best regards, Fayzr.

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    Added you to bnet

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