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    Ret/Prot Pala + Havoc DH looking for guild.

    Greetings guilds from around the world of warcraft.

    I'm posting as an anonymous character because I want to avoid any unnecessary drama in the current guild, so I will not be giving away my battle tag, however I will add you if your offer is good enough.

    As the title says, we are one pala that mains ret but can play prot, and one havoc DH. As the current guild is not good enough, and judging from what we've seen, they won't be able to reach Gul'dan, let alone kill him, we are looking for a change. An alliance guild is preffered, but if the offer is good enough, we can also go horde.

    In terms of gear, I'm 889 with 1 BiS legendary and my DH friend is 895 with 2 BiS legendaries ( only stating equipped ilvl, in terms of legendaries, we have more than 2 just not all are bis ). I have 3 set and he has 4 set.

    In terms of past achievments, I'll order us separately due to not playing together all the time:

    Cleared every raid on patch excluding Naxxramas ( only 4 bosses there )

    Cleared every raid on patch excluding Sunwell.

    Cleared every raid on Heroic on patch.

    Cleared every raid on patch, on normal difficulty.

    Cleared only Flex difficulty on SoO.

    Cleared all heroic modes + 8/10M BRF and 11/13M HFC

    7/7M EN
    3/3HC ToV
    10/10HC NH

    Cleared everything on patch exluding Anub'arak and Lich King on HC.

    Cleared everything on patch + 6/7HC FL and 8/8HC DS.

    Cleared the first raid on patch + 10/13HC ToT and 11/14HC SoO.

    Cleared everything on patch + 5/7M HM, 8/10M BRF and 13/13M HFC.

    7/7HC EN
    3/3N ToV
    9/10HC NH

    Now, I didn't mention any factors like pre-nerfs above since it would become a wall of text, so I kept it clean.

    In terms of times/days, anything works as long as it's after 7pm server time. Amount of hours / raiding day is irrelevant as long the progress is good.

    As a last note, we aim to kill Gul'dan on Mythic before 7.2 hits so please, only post if you know/think your guild can meed this requirement.

    Don't forget to leave your contact details ( battletag and/or website ).
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    Tymoa#2145 -

    I'll keep this short and sweet, contact me if you are still interested:
    10/10N 6/10HC, Wed/thur/sun 20:15-00:00

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