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    Post Exp. RShaman(890) WW monk(890) and bear druid(880) LF fun, casual progression guild

    Experienced Resto Shaman, WW monk, and Guardian druid looking for a mature, semi-casual progression guild. All three of us have been playing since vanilla and were hardcore raiders since WotLK. Now as students in our early 20s our schedules have become more demanding than they were in the past, so we are looking to find a guild that likes to have fun, and will also make progress. This expac we are 2/7M, 10/10N, 4/10H, however we have only been in H NH two nights. We prefer to find a guild that raids on weekends, however raids during the week may work as well depending on the time (we are CST).

    Btag contact:

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    <Council of Neckbeards> is a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild looking for dedicated people to join and build up our core raid team. (Healers/DPS) in high demand! Tues/Weds/Thurs 9pm-12am EST . !

    ~ Also looking for a dedicated raid leader if you're interested !

    Message or add for more info :
    Lexydin-Hyjal , Btag: Koneko#11954 ~ Recruitment officer
    Stonedfists-Hyjal , Btag: Kritpwns#1318 ~ Guild Master

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    Hey there! Three of you sound like a really solid trio and our guild is looking for quality people (and raiders) to join us. That being said, there's few questions I'd ask of you. Also, I'll post our guild's information so you can see our raid times/dates (we're 2 days a week from 6:30CST- 9:00/9:30CST at latest). If the raid days/times automatically disqualify us, then please disregard.

    1) How willing would the guardian druid and (possibly) the WW monk be in playing other specs? Just out of curiosity.
    2) We're Alliance-side and on Moon Guard, so would obviously want to check if server switching was possible.

    Hope to hear from you! Good luck with your search!

    Who We Are:

    The Golden Coffer is a multi-faceted, social guild that strives to create a sense of community in all aspects of the game. We pride ourselves on providing a fun and relaxing environment where players of all styles can find a home and make new friends.
    With members dating back to 2011, we boast an active, fun, and friendly guild atmosphere. PVE & RP, weekly events with a reward system, repairs, heirlooms, and discord! Read more @ www.thegoldencoffer.com

    What We’re Looking For:

    The Golden Coffer is ACTIVELY RECRUITING at this time for Nighthold! We are currently 10/10 normal and 3/10 heroic, with raid leaders who have done 6/10 heroic and come with a wealth of raiding experience from previous expansions extending all the way back to BC!

    Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30PM CST - 9:30PM CST (That's 7:30PM EST - 10:30PM EST as another point of reference).

    We define our approach as "casualcore"; we aim to efficiently tackle content while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere with a modest time investment. We ask raid members to come prepared, to respect their fellow members, and to be receptive to feedback. To that end, here is what our raid team is looking for:

    Healer - All welcome! We love you and want you, healers! We're looking to recruit up to 3 healers for our team!
    DPS - All welcome, although favoring ranged at this time. Any solid DPSers should apply though! We're looking to recruit up to 3 DPS for our team at this time!

    We’re a fairly social guild, and as such we’re always looking for new and veteran players of ALL levels to join us as we adventure through Azeroth.

    What We Expect:

    We expect the following 3 things that follow our casualcore model:

    1) Come prepared and on time. It's ok if you're late 10 minutes every once in awhile or can't make it due to RL stuff, but we expect raid members to come with some level of preparation and having brought the consumables they need.

    2) Respect your raid members. We work to maintain a relaxed demeanor and we are certainly a guild filled with many different personalities. At the end of the day though, the emphasis is on the team and we want our candidates to prioritize that both interpersonally and in raids.

    3) Be open to feedback. Raiders are expected to be knowledgeable of their class/role and take the time to research fights. We’re more than happy to help if you need guidance or assistance, but we want you to be willing to put forth the effort on your end as well and be open to constructive criticism when appropriate.

    Contact Us!

    For any inquiries, or if you’d just like to chat about The Golden Coffer:
    Bnet: Feel free to field questions with me (Kaethin), Skaia, Max, and Requiems. Add my B-tag at Kaeladin#1688 and feel free to reach out.
    Discord: Add/contact me on Discord (Kaethin#4263)

    Thank you for taking the time to read!
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