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    Looking for a new guild / server [horde]

    Hello everyone!

    I'll keep it as short and to the point as I can, because (almost) nobody likes walls of text. So here it goes:

    As the title says, I'm looking for a server and a horde guild to call home.

    What I'm looking for:

    * An EU English language non PvP server, RP servers are fine.
    * A good horde population, the alliance : horde ratio doesn't matter much.
    * Solid server economy - I like to be able to find what I need / want in AH without too much trouble, as long as it's not super rare, that is naturally always harder. And of course, being able to sell normal things is very nice too.

    * Social guild - I value a relaxed and friendly atmosphere very highly, so it can't be just a recruiting tool.
    * Activity - My playtime is irregular and limited as it is due to RL (mostly work), so I'd rather not have to flip a million coins while praying to RNGesus to accidentally log in during a time that the guild is active.
    * Website / Forum - An active website / forum is a big bonus in my book. I like this as a way to communicate and stay in touch with the guild even when I can't log into WoW.
    * Even though I can't commit to a regular raiding or group PvP schedule, I do like to be able to do things with guildies like random 5 mans, raids (to which I'll only sign up when certainly able to attend and geared / prepared of course), and the occasional bit of PvP.

    What I can offer:

    * A mature (age 30+) and drama free veteran player. I started in vanilla around the BWL patch, no major breaks, just different levels of activity.
    * Experience with a wide range of classes - I've had most classes at max level in multiple expansions. (small disclaimer - although I've played many classes, I've never been at the top of PvP ladders or at the absolute bleeding edge of competitive raiding. That way of playing, while just as real and valid as any other, has simply never appealed to me.)
    * Leadership experience - I've been an officer, class leader (warlock - was in vanilla), and Deputy GM, so I'm well aware of what it takes to keep a guild running behind the scenes.

    Okay, this has turned out to be a bit longer then I had in mind, but a good match of guild and player is worth it in my opinion. Feel free to ask for more info, and thanks for reading it all.
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    Hello mate,

    Our guild is a bit fresh as we kind of had to reform 10 days ago. We are based on Draenor EU.
    We are recruiting and we will keep recruiting though and we do love to have a good social aspect apart from our main goal which is to clear the game content in all modes before the next patch arrives.

    We have a very good communication with our members and we are all friends to each other. At the moment, as our numbers are not great, during the mornings you will not see much activity, but as we get more friends in, this will get better. But anyway, our members will always participate into game activities, dungeons, achievements etc. so you will not struggle finding a group to help you and to have fun together.
    As for a website, we tried our best to be as organized as possible. You can have a look and I'm sure you will find everything there is to know about our guild. http://gordian-knot.eu
    We have a schedule regarding raiding but we will enrich our schedule in the near future with alt runs, pvp like rated bgs etc. and achievement runs all on a stable basis.

    As for our realm now. Draenor is the highest in horde population realm at the moment. It's actually the second highest but the first in actual activity.
    You will struggle a bit with addons on the auction house, as the amount of items is enormous and takes time for addons to scan them.
    Apart from that you will not struggle finding something and you will be able to sell pretty much everything and on a pretty good price.

    Our current registered progress is 7 out of 10 bosses in Nighthold on heroic mode, but most of us have killed 9 out of 10.
    Hopefully we'll clear heroic this reset though.
    Our raiding days and times are Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays, 20.00 to 23.00 realmtime.

    That's all pretty much. The rest you can find on our website and you can either apply or poke me online for an invite.
    My battletag is Athlios#2283

    Good luck mate and have fun!

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    Pandy Raiders - Caelestrasz Horde is a laidback based raiding guild made up of players ranging from ex-hardcore raiders to beginner raiders looking to break into heroic raiding and eventually mythic. Keeping things light and enjoying ourselves whilst we do them is high on our list. Guild was formed in 2012 and is run by a former mythic raider. At this current time we are 7/10 Normal Nighthold and are looking for others to join our ranks and help progress further.

    We appreciate the importance of life outside of World of Warcraft, we also understand the commitments and responsibility which life brings. We do expect regular attendance as often as you can but on the other hand we don’t enforce 100% attendance, we only ask that you give us plenty of warning in advance if you can’t attend. On raid nights, we expect you to be fully raid ready with gems, enchants and consumables. We also prefer that you follow our rules which include have fun, be considerate, be positive and be humble. We require you to attend for the whole 3 hours each raid night. You will need discord and you may be required to switch specs other than your main, so possessing the knowledge and ability to do so is a bonus.

    If this sounds like a guild you could become part of then join us by contacting Ruffen, Tanastira or add Sôraka (#foretold1857). For trials, we require you to contact us an hour before raid. Our raid days are: Friday & Saturday night - 8 ST till 11 ST We are currently recruiting these classes Death Knight -Tank/DPS, Hunter - MM, Mage- Arcane, Shaman - Resto and Warlock. To discuss further please leave a reply on this post.

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    Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to take a look.


    It looks like you're on a US server, and I'm looking for an EU one I'm afraid, sorry.

    Also, made a few small changes to the OP.
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    Hi there Khelra,

    I'm one of the officers from <Soul Bond> also based on Draenor EU. Excuse me for being lazy, but I'm going to copy/paste a bit of our standard recruitment post in here.

    We are a social, constructive, all purpose guild welcoming patient, non-elitist players of all levels. Our aim is to provide a none hardcore environment, covering all aspects of the game. Raiding, PvPing, levelling, old content, general socialising (including several ingame social events) and much more. We welcome ideas from all our members in order to improve the guild in any shape or form we can.

    For our raid team we are especially looking for more ranged dps classes to bolster our ranks although pretty much everyone is welcome to come along with whatever character they want (as long as there are enough spots for the specific role ofcourse). We have cleared the Nighthold or normal difficulty and are currently progressing through heroic (5/10).

    If you are interested in joining us and making Soul Bond your home, whisper me (Indnile) or Lailuna in game or send an in game mail with your character name or even better your battletag and you will receive a rapid response in due course.

    Any questions about the guild, feel free to ask them on this thread or PM me directly.


    Cnile (Indnile)

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    Hi there!

    Thanks for sharing your post, i hope you find what you are looking for.
    I run the casual guild <Divided> on The Maelstrom server. (Horde)
    Our group consists of friends who have played the game together for about a year or so with currect experience: 7/7 EN HC & 10/10 NH HC.

    Im proud to say that we are very welcoming towards new players, thoose with game experience and thoose who do not. We encourage players to ask us for help or advice if they want it, and no question is considered "stupid".
    The internet is full of offensive comments and the likes, so making a safe haven for new talent was an easy choice to make.

    Most of us in the guild have fulltime jobs or studies and we have an average age of 20.
    Myself being 30 years of age, having 3 kids and a fulltime job i clearly understand the necessity of sleep and real life chores. I would really like to hear from you, should our presentation make you curious for more.
    Have a good one!

    Tsn of Divided
    B.tag: Sebastian#23194

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    @Tsn86 : Thanks for the info! The guild sounds interesting, however, The Maelstrom is a PvP server I believe, and I'm afraid that would be a dealbreaker for me, sorry.

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