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    Fury/Arms Warrior lf 2day mythic guild 9pm est start time.

    Looking for a 2 day a week Mythic oriented guild.

    available tue-thu 9-1 est. sunday 8-1 est.

    Willing to raid progression two days a week tops. (exceptions to this rule on ocassion depending on work.)

    I will however be on other nights for mythic + on farming old raids for legiondaries.(legion legendary... yeah i'm clever)

    I have had many top 100 top us kills with 3 day guilds in the past and back in wrath was in us top 25 guild.


    feel free to armory bosis-burning blade. gear/ap slightly behind as i has 2 months off for work related trip. 890 ilvl. and 3 of the worst legendaries ever... just like everyone else lol

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    We raid 8-11:30PM Est (wed/Thurs) is that too early ? Let me know

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    Hey we Raid Tues/Wed 9-12 Est
    2% wipe on krosus 3/10M Just need 1 more solid dps
    message me Dexxy on Aerie Peak =)
    Bnet contact: Palewind#1990 or Moki#1503

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