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    Timeless Statagem question

    What is the point of Timeless strategem? With set shoulders being best when would someone use these? The effect is fun? If i could use it in PVP that would be great. Is the only use for these for like legs + shoulders and hopefully have better sustained AOE? (Arms spec) Woud fury even look at these?


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    (Protection) I used shoulders on mythic Anomaly & Spellblade as the extra mobility was pretty helpful.

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    legs/shouldes, m+, hardly any other use else sadly

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    Good for corpserunning...

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    Good with Warbringer.

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    Love mine for open world stuff. SCALE MOUNTAINS LIKE A NINJA WARRIOR

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    As I don't have the set shoulders yet and I value my haste rings over the lego ring I use my rage cap and the shoulders on all fights where the belt won't be for pure padding. The mobility it offers is pretty great, I'm a cake eating, bond breaking, puddle soaking add killing machine. While it may not be a dps lego, it's got good stats and it lets me do almost any job the raid needs. That said when I do get 4pc I will be running the ring over them obviously, until I get the cloak.

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    I just got them also. I play both Arms and Prot, but I keep my spec set to Arms since output is important as a DPS so I can fish out DPS Legendarys. I was disappointed that I didn't get the Trinket or the Ring.

    But I can't lie they are awesome as a Tank. I mean three leaps!? Monks and DHs can eat my dust. I'd consider using them as a DPS also for learning fights, since Heroic Leap is a huge cope out for Positioning Errors.

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    Best QoL-Item ever (esp. World Qs)!
    Not great in terms of max dps (stats are great) but they feel so good...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rufio View Post
    Best QoL-Item ever (esp. World Qs)!
    Not great in terms of max dps (stats are great) but they feel so good...
    There might be a few fights where having extra leaps could maximize uptime, if you want to perfectly run out and come back in. But normally Leap then Charge is enough.

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    They're pretty clutch on M Augur. Also nice in M+ for a run back or something, because it grants 2 charges instantly which you can use then take the shoulders off.

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    I showed my guild what it looks like to leap 3x and they laughed at me :*(

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