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    Fire Mage LF semi-casual guild.

    Hi, just want to give a brief idea of who I am. I'm a college student who's about to graduate and get into med school, but I do still enjoy playing WoW. I can't play it hardcore but I can devote about 2-3 hours a night, 2 nights a week MAYBE 3 nights a week depending on the days. I used to raid for Dread-Korgath, held respectable ranks and would like to experience high end raiding once again.

    These are logs of some normal night hold i joined :


    Thank you for taking your time to read this, I hope I find a guild to join. Just want to play with competent people that are able to progress in mythic raiding content. I'm aware of my pvp pieces (I play with real life friends and pvp for shits and giggles)

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    Btag: Rng#1238

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    Willing to xfer/faction change.

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    Hey, added you to hopefully chat a little bit about us and your situation and goals.

    <Novare res>

    About us:
    One of the oldest and most successful guilds on the Durotan server (just celebrated our 11th year anniversary). As guilds come and go, Novare Res will still remain. We pride ourselves on our family atmosphere within a thriving environment. Our raiding group is considered a Semi-hardcore group that dwells within a family tribe.

    Our raiding times are family friendly and will not require you to be up late hours throughout the night. We understand that Real Life comes first and want to make sure this is accomplished in all of our lives. Our raiding times allow our group to be successful in-game; as well as, promote the success of our out-of-game life too.

    If you are looking for a fun place to raid and not have to worry about a guild leaving you, or changing servers (aka. no drama), then Novare Res could be that home for you.

    Raid Type: Semi-Hardcore
    Raid Times: Monday, Wednesday. Sunday: (8pm – 11pm EST)

    Current Progression:
    Emerald Nightmare: 1/7 Mythic, 7/7 Heroic
    Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic
    Nighthold: 8/10 Heroic NH, 10/10 Normal

    There’s plenty more to talk about, so I hope you get back to me.
    Battle Tag: KnightnGale#1402

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    Hi, I also added you. Posted some info below.


    We are a newly formed Horde raiding guild on the US-Mug’thol server. Our goals are being competitive on our server and clearing mythic content. We are looking to add mature players who are interested in excelling in a serious raid environment and enjoy completing other content on off nights (PVP, M+, Achievements, etc.)

    About Us:
    We strive for an enjoyable raid environment, but a serious attitude towards progression raiding is required. Maximum effort and preparation is required for all raids. The loot system we use is loot council.

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday and Thursday
    8:30 PM - 11:40PM PST(Server Time)

    9/10H Nighthold

    If you have any further questions or are interested in joining the guild please contact Wednezday#1133 or veltshmerts#1300.
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    Stood in the Fire razisgosu's Avatar
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    Razis Rangers is looking for DPS. We're Alliance on Stormrage. Currently 3/10 Heroic raiding Sun-Mon 7-10 PM EST. Send me a btag at Razisgosu#1485 if you want to talk more.

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    NaCl> we are a newly formed guild with 3/10M NH Leaders looking for guys who cant raid 3-5 days a week but still want some mythic boss's killed ! 2 days, tuesday and wednesday 8:30 to 11:30 EST. Currently have Heroic on farm. Need to fill up the roster to get into Mythic.. Alliance Whisperwind

    Add me rancor#1333

    Or reply here

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    We're currently recruiting to fill more empty spots. We`re 9/10H NH, Gul'dan will be down Thursday and looking to be in mythic in about 2 weeks. We are a very laid back, casual raid group but we do like end game raiding so we thought we`d try and recruit more for Mythic Nighthold.

    We also run a lot of mythic +s and some do PVP(not me personally). We only want fun and reliable people. We're a very close knit group, most of us have been playing together since vanilla.

    Korgath - Personal - Discord
    Raid Times:
    Tuesday/Thursday – Currently 7:30CST to 10:30CST but will be going to 8CST to 11CST after next week.
    We also might start picking up Monday for extra hour or 2 on a boss we want to down before reset. (Completely optional)

    Currently need:
    1 Tank
    1 Heal
    3/4 DPS - We're pretty open ATM but would love a hunter, fury war, rogue, warlock and a Spriest.

    Add my Btag if we sound like a good fit for you - Syllie#11658 or Discord Syllie#9679

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