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    (US) 870 Rogue LF Raiding Guild Heroic+

    Recently coming back to the game after a break due to work and school at the beginning of Legion. At the start I was raiding with my priest in Emerald Nightmare. Switched to Rogue when I came back and am now at 870 after about 10 days of playing. Starting to Clear Normal Nighthold with a few friends.

    Priest Armory
    Velanera of Darkspear Human Priest

    Rogue Armory
    Brokar of Darkspear Orc Rogue (Can't post links just yet!)

    Add acLang#11345 with any questions you may have!

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    Hey there, don't know what your raiding schedule is like but we are a weekend raiding guild that raids on Sat/Sun. If our raid time fits your schedule i'd like to talk to you further on discord. Sat 7pm-10pm PST and Sunday 6pm-9pm PST, we are 4/10H NH and looking for few more exceptional dps to fill up our last few spots for 20 man. You would be applying for a core spot in the raid. Please add me on btag ipman#1451 if you are interested.

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    I added you lets chat. Our guild has raided for 10 years without loss of time. If you are looking for a Great Atmosphere to raid in with drama then we need to chat.

    Geo#1668 in cast you didn't get my request


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