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    Lightbulb Create your own Hearthstone Cards and post them here!

    Hello, champions. Good to see ya.

    So, I'm creating another thread with this topic, with a tutorial included for those who are feeling creative, or just want to have some fun creating stuff.

    I'll also contact a mod to see if it's possible to make this thread "Sticky". Ok, here we go!


    To create your own cards, go to this website [Hearthcards]. From there, use your imagination and create your own 4 mana 7/7's.

    After you're done, right click on your card image, and choose "Copy Image."

    Then, choose an image hosting site (Imgur is one of the best) and paste it there with CTRL + V.

    Just like that.

    After that, right click on your image and choose "Copy image URL". Then, come back here, go to the Icon image, and post your card.

    That way your cards won't be deleted after some time.

    I hope that helps!

    For you folks, here are some of mine:

    Now it's your turn! Use your creativity!
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    Made one for my old WoW character a while back
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    Some of the latest cards I made in the old thread. I'll first post all of the warlock cards, and since they are pretty old I might change some of them if I were to do them again:

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    Now some of my old priest cards:

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    Quote Originally Posted by FobManX View Post

    I like the concept of spells triggering twice, but I think that 6 mana is kinda low. This is one powerful effect, and this on turn 10 is 12 damage to whatever with a simple fireball. I think that this card at cost 8 is more balanced, mainly because spells are powerful tools.

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    Some randon ideas for legendaries, I try to make them based on their skills and story in WoW:

    Arthas as an overbudgetted minion, but will switch sides you after he falls.

    This mechanic is also used in Heroes of the Storm, the more he's hurt the stronger he gets:

    This has to be a druid card because Genn will either be in his human or worgen form:

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    Spellblade Aluriel is perhaps my favorite boss in the Nighthold, so I decided to make some Hearthstone Cards dedicated to her!

    (Ps: Couldn't get the images to link properly. Maybe a mod could help?)
    Isn't it fitting WoW really took a nosedive after 'the Cataclysm'?

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    I did. It was called Jinyu Waterspeaker. Post #9 from 2015


    edit: want to throw 1 more neutral out there. Jinyu waterspeaker, 4 mana 2/5 battlecry: heal your hero for 6 hp, if you are not healed to full draw a card.

    Also suggested on the officialy forums here.

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    In preparation of the possible Dalaran/Lich King expansion, made some Legendaries based off important lore characters from that part of WoW's history.






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    Since we aren't getting a new death knight class for a while, I'll share some of my own concepts thats still a very early work in process. This is the new mechanic that I wanted to give death knights to make them class unique:

    Disease: This is a mechanic that consists of 2 diferent diseases: Blood Plague and Frost Fever, A death knight has a lot of methods to apply a disease to the enemy minions. When an enemy minion is diseased, some of your spells that synergises with diseases will become more powerful. Every minion can only have 1 type of disease. Since this is an early concept, I was thinking that having 2 different diseases is actually a good idea, or whether having just 1 disease is the better option.

    These are some cards where the Disease mechanic comes to pass:

    The card text need a bit more work. These are some other cards that doesn't have anything to do with the disease mechanic:

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    Benefactor : 1 Mana

    0/1 Battlecry : For the rest of the game, players have 15 fewer seconds to take their turns.

    Because this game is fucking boring to play otherwise.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shalcker View Post
    Posting here is primarily a way to strengthen your own viewpoint against common counter-arguments.

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    I thought I'd have a trial with this and thought I'd give a Monk card a go as I've been playing this class in WoW recently. I struggled with the wording and I think now I made it way too cheap.

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    Custom cards are fantastic in Hearthstone, hopefully we get to reveal our custom card project in the coming weeks! One of our writer team is working on redesigning all the old legendary cards from the past expansions

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