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    [H] Holy Pala LF Late Evening Raiding Guild (Can Move Realms)


    I'm looking for a guild that raids horde side, 22:00 ST onwards.

    2-3 nights is fine per week and I'm happy to move servers.

    I'm currently 853 ilvl after coming back from a break and deciding to reroll holy paladin as my main.

    My old priest main is mythic experienced in Emerald Nightmare so I'm not a bad raider or anything but just had to leave the game for other duties at the time.

    Very social / can be vocal if required and get along with everybody.

    I'm looking for something more casual but am more than capable of moving in to mythic.

    Leave a message here preferably or battle tag at Ironside#21609

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    Just saw your post as we are looking for another dedicated healer to complete our 10 man team for Nighthold HC. We are a semi hardcore casual guild with no current plans to push Mythic, but we have a solid core group just missing a healer. We would be more than happy to have you join us on discord for a normal or whatever if you still need a guild. We have always gotten curve before the next tier of content, so if you are happy with progressing through HC with us that would be amazing.

    If you need to get hold of me quickly feel free to add me on bnet GladiusMax#1231

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