Hi Everyone, I'm an experienced Prot Warrior on Area-52 currently looking for a morning or late night raid team. (Weekday start time 8am-11am EST, or after 1am EST) Would be interested in rolling as Arms or Fury for the right fit, some gear still needed for those specs though.

I've recently had to retire from my current raid team do to a change of schedule, and I'm looking for a core raid spot to finish up mythic NH. I also enjoy running a lot of Mythic+, and have been working on pushing +15 to +18 keys this week.


Longtime raider, have been playing a Warrior since BC.

EN: 7/7 Mythic (Cutting Edge)
ToV: 3/3 Heroic (AotC)
NH: 10/10 Heroic, 1/10 Mythic (stopped raiding after first night of mythic)

897-900 Equipped ilvl depending on situational legendary usage.

I currently have Bracers, Neck, Boots, Belt (as well as dps belt)

54 Traits in Prot Weapon, 37 in Arms, 35 in Fury

If you are interested please reply here or add me on Bnet (Bfunky#1185)