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    Fury Rotation and cooldown usage, questions...

    Hello everybody,
    I recently switched to Fury from my Havoc DH but I still have a few questions for stuff which occurs during my normal rotation.

    CD Usage
    BC and OF on CD, Avatar comes up
    this happens quite often, Avatar comes up, BC and OF have anything from 15-30 seconds left.
    Do I delay the Avatar until BC and OF come up again or do I start the Avatar some seconds before so it is still running during BC?

    What do I do when I know that my Juggernaut stacks will fall off during execute phase (Gul'Dan comes to my mind)
    Do I execute, knowing that I have to rebuild my stacks after some boss abilities or do I continue my normal rotation?

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    You can precast avatar since it has a longer duration than BC. Same for Arms fwiw. Just make sure your BC window is covered by avatar.

    Afaik, during execute you'll always choose execute over anything else as long as you have rage. You will still have to weave in BT - FS (with 2 piece, RB without) because you won't have enough rage, but execute is your priority.

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    I honestly think you can stay in on guldan. It's 3 pulses, stand out of first, execute, leap out late on 2nd and charge back, execute, Defensive 3rd and eat it. Maybe call for an external. The amount of damage youll net will be insane.

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    On heroic Guldan you can just stack RC + Enraged Regen can easily keep you alive through the Storm. Just need to make sure you are not enraged during the last tick and have atleast 3 mil health with Enraged Regen up.

    Or ask someone to toss you a pain sup/Hand of sacrifice/guardian spirit.

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