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    890 Guardian Druid LF Raid Team

    Hey all,

    I am an 890 il Guardian Druid currently Alliance on the Proudmoore server. My Artifact weapon is at paragon level 8 and I am currently 10/10 N and 3/10 H (although I have lots of experience on Krosus and Spellblade) My current raid team is falling apart so Im looking for a new group of people to progress with. Ideally I would like to clear heroic quickly and begin Mythic progression. I have been playing WoW on and off since 2005 and am knowledgeable of my class, fight mechanics, etc. If needed, I am willing to switch servers and possibly faction.

    Thanks for your time.

    - Thanomot

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    So happens we are looking for another tank. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8pm till 11pm. Our guild was formed on November of 2006 and has raided every since. We are currently 9-10 heroic and will be pushing into mythic very soon. We do not recruit for bench!

    Add me and we will chat about everything

    Look forward to chatting with you

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    Shut Up Bud> is a guild for those who want to clear content without spending a lot of time doing it.

    We were founded by a core group that were previously in a realm first guild that decided to spend less time raiding but make the most of our time.

    Our raid schedule is relaxed but our goal is to be efficient with our time and do as much as possible. Ultimately, we want to clear all heroic content while it is relevant and look into some mythic bosses as our raid roster allows.

    We are interested in people with the following traits:
    Likes play with friends more than anything
    Is willing to dedicate time to better their character and help others in the guild (plays outside raid times)
    Spends time researching their class and constantly tries to get better
    Comes to raid prepared with consumables and knowledge of the encounters
    Has a positive attitude

    We don't expect people to play 10 hours a day but we want people to be interested in improving themselves and doing the best they can.

    Raid times:
    T/Th: 10:30 PM - 1:30 AM EST

    Class needs:
    Ranged/Caster DPS - any
    Melee - any (DH, warrior, rogue, enh. preferred)
    Healer - resto shaman, resto druid, holy priest, or mistweaver
    Tank - brewmaster or druid preferred, but anything acceptable

    if your class isn't listed, feel free to contact us as we will always look at any geared and skilled players.

    Players should probably have 880 ilvl equipped and at the very minimum, 36 traits, but 40+ would be preferred. We will consider exceptions, however.

    If this sounds interesting or you have any questions, contact one of the following people:
    Zinkala: stick#1941
    Exodusash: Psypher#1318
    Exodasha: Bonzoshot#1311

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    <NaCl> New guild aiming to Farm heroic and progress into mythic ! Recruiting Tank-DPS-Healer for a 2 days/week.

    Tues/Wed 7;30pm to 10;30pm Server. PST

    We are adults that can have a good time and laugh during raid farm and trash.. but know to be serious on progression! If you want to be a mythic raider but dont have 10+hrs to put in every week in raids... your futur is with us !


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    Hi Thano,

    We are looking for a guardian bear tank as our bear tank had RL issues and can no longer raid. We are a weekend raiding guild that raids on Sat/Sun at 7pm-10pm PST. If our schedule fits with yours i'd like to discuss with your further in discord. My btag is ipman#1451

    Who We Are

    <Skinnable> is a recently new guild on Tichondrius and we are looking for a few dedicated, mature players. We are a group of 7 real life friends who have been playing with each other for the past 8 years. We quit WoW before MOP came out and we are currently reforming our guild for legion. We have few realm first as a guild when we raided back in CATA but our objective is to clear all contents while it is current.

    What we need

    Currently recruiting Weekend Warriors (Weekend Raiders)

    Healer: Resto shaman pref, or MW monk
    DPS: range DPS any class
    Melee: fury war
    Tank: currently recruiting pally or druid pref but all other tanks are taken into consideration


    7/7H EN
    2/3H TOV
    10/10 N NH
    5/10 H NH

    We are looking to fill our last few spots for core 20 roster so this is not bench spots. Normal NH is on farm and we are looking to push hard into heroic with last few exceptional dps.

    What we look for

    We are chilled people but want to get shit done. We are committed into progression and will help everyone along the way. We are looking for people who are like minded share same goal. Gear is not a big issue to us, we are looking for people who knows how to play their class and rotation and be willing to learn and excel.

    Expectation is come prepared, know your class, know your role, able to listen to instructions. Pref ilvl 870+ however if you are an exceptional player gear score does not matter as we can help gear you up quickly.

    Raid Time

    We are the only weekend raiding guild on Tichondrius and would like you to join our close knit family.

    Mon-Thrus: Keystone runs, overwatch, diablo (optional)
    Friday: Pushing high keystones, and kara/nightbane run (optional)
    Saturday: 7pm-10pm PST
    Sunday: 7pm-10pm PST

    If you are interested, please send me a PM directly or contact me via game tag ipman#1451

    If you are the right person for us we will pay for your transfer to our realm.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and we look forward to hearing from you!

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