My guild recently decided to stop raiding and I'm still interested in seeing all that Legion has to offer. I've played wow since beta (the level cap was 15 and rogues/shaman wore bucklers) and I've raided as a restoration shaman, elemental shaman, protection warrior, and now vengeance demon hunter. As far as my demon hunter goes I'm 901 ilvl or higher depending on what gear I'm swapping around. I have the three best tanking Legendaries for my spec and my weapon is 54. I've killed 3/10M Nighthold so far as well as extensive pulls on both Krosus and High Botanist on Mythic. I've also tanked all of heroic on my Protection warrior who was my split raid alt although hes not nearly as well geared. I'm hoping to stay horde although for the right guild I'm willing to swap to alliance. I'm used to raiding Tues/Weds/Thurs for 3 to 4 hours a night so something comparable would work best for me although again I will consider something else for something that's a good fit otherwise. I'd also strongly prefer a guild that's already working on mythic content.

~Zarkhan, Zul'jin~