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    Convergence of fates question

    Hey guys,

    I just got lucky and got an 890+socket CoF from NH quest. However at my current gear level it's simming about 120k dps lower than an 860 Unstable Arcano Crystal. My other trinket is an 880 DoS

    Is SimC ignoring the proc somehow or is it just that I need to tweak my gear a bit more before this is an actual upgrade for me?

    With the CoF I stand at around 37% mastery, 29% haste and 34k Str.
    With the UAC I stand at 40% mastery, 31% haste and 32kish Str.

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    It sims 120k lower? DoS and CoF are your best trinkets. You need to make sure you are using a nightly build to sim as the regular version does not account for many many many changes.

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    Need to make sure your action priority list isn't holding battle cry until odyns fury is off cooldown. Mine had that and was getting a good -15k dps loss. When I editted it; CoF became a 8k increase.

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    Sims cant sim the human decision element.
    Those 120k loss can become 120k gain if u use trinkets properly. That cannot be simmed. U get more sim dps because arcano is pure stat stick.
    Misplacing one Battle cry from draught/odyns can ruin your rotation and your dps will decrease. I have both trinkets and still making mistakes. Also on some bosses you need to do the fights once till u figure out the timings with cof etc. Some of the fights are not as friendly for perfect rotation as others.

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