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    Time for emblem on MMO CHAMP?

    Time for emblems?

    OK i used to have a account on TV.com and i used to love collecting emblems on that website and i see with this new year emblem it has cause lots of interest and i wonder if MMO champ wants to implement a emblem system cause lets face it we all love emblems and badges. I should know i got over 22k achievement points in wow and i had a shit ton of emblems when i was in the boy scouts and on that crappy website tv.com!.

    MMO champ needs to reward good posting and participation and its human nature to love to collect symbols of greatness.

    So implement a emblem system and people with OCD like me will love it!

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    Adding additional badges is something we may do in the future.

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    What kind of emblembs could there be, out of curiosity? all I can come up with is # of posts milestones, but that's probably a limit on my creativity.

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    Still waiting on subforum icon pictures. everywhere.

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