<Internet Warriors> is a newly formed PvP guild on Outland. We are looking for active PvP players to join our guild. We started up the guild again about a week ago and have been recruiting people ever since, we are currently over 60 members in the guild and we are growing every day.
As of right now, we are working on our first RBG team, the requirement is 2k exp to join this one. There will be more than one RBG team once we have more members and officers. Finding arena partners shouldn't be that difficult either.

As time goes on and we are at the point where we have things under control we will start hosting events with gold rewards! Here are some of the events we will be doing:

Free for all & Last man standing in the Gurubashi Arena
Wargames - 2v2 - 3v3
World PvP
Cards against humanity and much more!

If this sounds interesting and fun then you are more than welcome to join us! There are no requirements in joining the guild everyone is welcome. We also have a guild discord where you can come and chill out.

If you are simply just looking for an invite you can also message anyone in the guild and they can invite you.

Let's build this guild together!

For more information please add: