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    In Development: Probius, New Mounts, and More!

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    Cannon cheese the nexus!
    Quote Originally Posted by Nami69 View Post
    I got banned, rip all my characters 4Head time to level a new character. Haven't boted since MoP and turned it on for ~5 secs to get account details sorted for this new PC and that triggered a "we have seen you had uses of 3rd party programs over the past few months". More annoyed about not being able to get top 5 in Monk allstars than the ban itself and rip 2mil gold but w/e.
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    Probius is so freaking CUTE! <3

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    No new skins? I am dissapoint.

    But yes, Probius is probably coolest SC hero they could announce (personal opinion ofc).

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    Yeah it's one of the weaker In Dev vids if not the weakest.

    I can only optimistically assume the next one will make up for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by melzas View Post
    But yes, Probius is probably coolest SC hero they could announce (personal opinion ofc).
    You just know they're working on an SCV hero. Hope to see that one soon.

    *GASP* I just had the best idea for a Zerg larva hero!!
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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Just a quick word on this - we've changed the pace at which we deliver these videos. We now do them twice as often covering half the content of the previous videos. Have no fear that we're still making content at break neck speed; we're just trying to keep the community more in sync with our actual content releases.
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    Probius is so friggin adorable

    I don't care what his ingame strength is. I am buying him day one.
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    I.....cannot WAIT to see people being killed by a freakin' Probe.

    I've been wanting a Probe hero for a while, and they basically are delivering exactly what I envisioned. AND they made it absolutely freaking adorable to boot.
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    I actually really like the more frequent in dev releases, only showing stuff that's coming soon. Compare it to the Li-Ming/Xul video last year where they show off stuff we won't be getting for another month or so. I do admit that it creates for more lackluster videos though, this one espescially since there's no new stuff aside from the hero and season 4 rewards.

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    There's something very not right in Terran Pylons.

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