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    Time for the Responsive Design

    yeah MMO, you're still by far the best content website for Blizz games imho. but it is really time to change into a responsive design. I'm sure you know you get shitloads of traffic from mobile devices (I'm guessing above 50%+, right?) and i hope you're actively working on it. But still every time I visit the site from my phone, I face an agonizing experience.

    please make this process priority and give us a new design!

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    This site sucks on mobile, but the tapatalk app makes it bearable.
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    Yeah, something more responsive is on the to-do list. For the most part I'm the only one doing content and site development, so my time is stretched pretty thin. Hoping to get to it at some point this year though.

    Tapatalk does help for the forums.

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