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    I sat in disbelief when I found out we get Magatha Grimtotem as a follower for my Shaman.....I play a Drawf Shaman and have a kin too the Taurens from old Lore....all I wanted too do was Thunderstorm her right off the Cliff in the Maelstrom when she first showed up....I could careless if she is somewhat powerful as a bodyguard...I won't use her...I use Stormcaller Mylra...cause first ...when she fights she yells "I'll kick your butt"...2nd she has Stormbeak as her Mount and there is a long lore story behind those two going back many many years....3rd she is a Drawf.

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    I only use her now cause I equipped her the ledgendary item that gave ap per Wq

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