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    Alliance 901 (e) Fire Mage / 899 (e) Fury/Prot Warrior LFG (Raiding)

    Himedere - Dragonblight
    909 (901 equipped) Fire Mage 7/7 EN (M), 3/3 ToV (hc), NH 2/10 (M) Warcraft Logs
    Rolfmeister - Dragonblight 899 Prot/Arms Warrior 1/7 EN (m), NH 1/10 (M) Warcraft Logs

    * previous experience for both players include SoO 14/14 HC (pre-nerf Mythic), HFC 13/13 (m) pre-nerf. I mained a Shadow Priest (Kyllandra) during this time.

    This post needed a major update. I have included a newly updated blog detailing my experiences, expectations, and why I'm looking fora new guild. CLICK HERE to read it.

    - Leah aka Kyllandra
    btag: Kyllandra#2625
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    Hi Kyllandra,

    If you are willing to consider a server jump then I would love to chat. I have sent you a bnet invite (Sibling#2611).

    P.S. I would have liked to read the blog post but there seem to be no links.

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    I have updated my LFG blog post. This one does not include the dirty gossip of previous guilds, but if you'd like that, PM me, and I'll send you the link.

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    Hi Leah/Kyllandra,

    i can maybe offer you something quite rare in terms of raiding hours, just hit me up, if you are interested.

    we are a raiding guild on EU-TarrenMill focused on mythic progression.
    Founded in october of 2016 <Farming Simulator> was focused on putting together a roster capable of progressing in mythic Nighthold and upcoming content.

    We currently are 1/10M and continue to steadily focus on further progressing through Nighthold after having HC on farm/ freed up for non-raid days.

    As a late night raiding guild we try to balance out work and family life with our raiding hours.
    We raid wednesday, thursday and sunday 22:30 pm - 1:30 am (GMT+1) with a lot myth+ content thrown in between, if you are interested.
    Since a 3 day raidweek should count as semi hardcore we demand a high attendance rate as well as knowledge about your own class and its respective speccs.

    Currently we are looking for various DPS-classes, but would also consider any other role, if the player proves himself to be experienced and has exceptional skill.

    Feel free to hit me up if you are interested. you can get in touch with me via Bnet (crackenbecks#21499)

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