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    Thank goodness for keeping solo-q. Apart from that, the announcement mostly screams 'Our mount designers slack; deciding between yellow and pink elemental horsies much more srs bzns than expected.'

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    Well, they have until June.
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    I wonder if they finally realize there are other colors for the mounts. Incoming turquoise, orange and emerald elemental cocks (as in rooster)!

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    for 2016 season 3, HL mmr was seeded using unranked or quick match if you played <15 HL games. any word on whether this will be the case for 2017 Season 1?

    We incorporated that into the standard procedure for season updates, so it'll happen at the start of each season, including this one.

    MMR normalization is also still happening each season, right? It's a bit confusing because you write in each season update that you loosen the confidence of match making, but don't write the rest even though they're all standard procedures for all seasons.

    Yeah, the message loses some clarity for the sake of brevity. The confidence boost is the thing that's most noticeable for most players, but we also re-normalize and do the re-seeding for lapsed ranked players every season too.
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