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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester Joe View Post
    That's working on the assumption that his friends are having fun while losing still.
    They aren't for the most part. They're screaming about how widowmaker aimbots, how people are using wallhacks, how others on the team are bad or are griefing when they lose. When I see the killcams from the widowmakers that supposedly aimbots all I'm seeing is someone who is decent at aiming when they kill me, not an aimbot.
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    A better expansion.
    Make another account to play with low tier friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravex View Post
    ...I have one friend who does this, I call him on his shit all the time lol.
    So everyone has a "Matt"... awesome. Our "Matt" likes to main Bastion... die to D.Va and claim he didn't know her Defense Matrix would block his bullets... every.... f'ing.... time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    I'm usually the bad one playing with better friends sooooo....

    But this post has some good ideas. You can be honest about the situation without being insulting. And if you're still willing to play with your friends in QM or Arcade, they'll probably be happy with that. When I group with my friends it's because I want to play with them; I don't care where we do it.
    I'm in the same situation, hovering right around the silver/gold line with friends who are quite a bit higher. I don't really care about comp, though. I played my ten games and then one subsequent game solo and I'm pretty much done with comp for the season. It'd be fun if I had friends who all logged on at the same time, but they're all over the map with playtime availability and skill so I just have fun playing quickplay with anyone who happens to be on when I am.

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    Just be up front if you don't want to play ranked with them if they are not skilled enough... Or ask them to improve before you want to, or teach them in normal matches first, if you only have the 1 account (which tbh, most people probably have because OW is not free...).

    However...that they're low rated matters fuck all if they can actually play, and you're being a bit dickish...

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    Unfriend them and when they ask you what happened, tell them that your account was hacked and you can no longer play HotS again (but you're totes gonna).

    You're welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daws001 View Post
    Unfriend them and when they ask you what happened, tell them that your account was hacked and you can no longer play HotS again (but you're totes gonna).

    You're welcome
    You mean OW right?

    On Topic: Console gamers are lucky here. I just made another Gamertag to play with friends, as long as the Home console has Gold all other gamertags on that console can play online.

    I recently got the game for PC and one of my friends is about my skill level, the other tilts hella hard so I don't even bother asking him to play anymore. He complains that the community is toxic when he is the one getting tilted and lashing out at the team, no wonder he has such bad experiences. I try to stay positive and generally have gotten good results, even when someone on my team isn't having a good day I can usually keep the team together. If I play with him, its futile - he will get tilted in spawn and admits to not caring/trying (so needless to say I no longer invite him to play with me)
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    Try to queue with them once, then they realize that they can't queue comp with me
    Just preface all my posts with "Well, I didn't read the thread, but..."
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    You don't need to see any identification.
    This isn't the user you're looking for.
    Move along.
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