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    If every group was "link achievement" , or needed x amount of mythic runs, eventually no groups will be left.

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    Also I feel it's super easy to carry a healer and often don't vet them at all. If your tank is good and DPS is high enough things should die before healing becomes an issue.

    I don't think I've ever pugged a tank though, not for a run where I'm going for the timer at least. Not unless my key is getting carried by a guild or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ealyssa View Post
    Thats actually a limit of the APi itself. It can only scan the first hundreds of dungeon by time for each key level.

    That means of you make bad timers on 15+ or deplete the key there's a good chance the du geon wont count. And thats actually fine for judging a PUG.
    Or you can 3-chest EoA+15 this week and it will not count.
    Or you can 2-chest EoA+16 this week and it might still not count.

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    With anything being bought in the game it will happen
    but there's too much demand. On both blizz end (activision) and consumers of boost services

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    I must have been really lucky then...I've been doing +12 no problem with pug groups im joining. I however don't get into anything higher with my ilvl.
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    wowprogress is the way to go. Just check their m+ score but more importantly check if they actually finished high keys in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawawe View Post
    Most people Pugging are just trying to get their weekly done so the Wowprogress M+ score is moot. Sure you can go look it up but chances are people with high enough scores arent pugging them. The only people pushing for +16 times are guild grps
    I've pugged anything above 15 exclusively outside my guild and have basically all dungeons on 21 or higher. Lots of people pug it and with Discord it's fairly easy to coordinate.

    I mean, sometimes there's 1 or 2 guildies in the group but that's about it.

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