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    Tanking Trinkets

    Hey guys I just wanted to get opinions on tanking trinkets so far this expansion. Not sure which are best for protection. I was using the legendary one but I recently got the legendary gloves. Not sure which trinkets you guys have been using. I honestly hate the Infernal Contract from Gul'dan.

    I am currently running two trinkets from Emerald Nightmare. The Grotesque Statuette and Phantasmal Echo.

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    go for forged stat stick like ethreal urn and odyn trinket (haste or mastry)

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    Do Kara/Nightbane weekly and pray for a forged Raven Eidolon from Medivh, and a forged chest from NB. Latter buffs the former which is an already overbudgeted trinket.

    Forged trinket from the Anub'arak knockoff boss in Violet Hold is amazing too, but will be tough to get (no M+)

    If you run EN regularly try coining Ilgynoth for the Goblet, still very strong.

    If you have gold to burn then buy and upgrade the Darkmoon trinket, only goes to 865 currently but I assume it'll get more upgrade potential in the future.

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    i use phantasmal echo because i seem to have trouble maintaining 30% haste without it.

    the other slot i either use a str trinket, scorpiron sta thing, infernal contract or darkmoon deck.

    i personally absolutely love infernal contract, makes things like breaking bonds on guldan or soloing annihilates almost trivial. and the fact that IP pain gets used before the trinket bubble means you can have the 50% reduction for a long time, and if worse comes to worse you can use demo should to counter balance the 20% damage increase but i rarely find that to be a problem.

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    First post so here we go...

    Get your hands on the DMC:I, aka Darkmoon Deck Immortality. BiS for just about every fight aside from Krosus and Augur. Arcanocrystal is very good for it's secondary's, and if you can get your hands on Odyns trinket with Haste or Mastery, as Wizardns suggested, that is also a great one to get. Fang of Tichondrius is also quite good for M+, really good for Necrotic as that affix currently doesn't affect Leech.

    In regards to Krosus and Augur I would suggest stam trinks, like Raven Eidelon (Don't use its "on use") and/or Shivermaw's Jawbone, if you are struggling to stay alive. Krosus is a good fight to use the Grotesque Statuette from Xavius as is the Goblet from Ilgy.

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    Infernal contract is amazing if you know how to use it well
    if you have Phantasmal echo, use it or use another haste stat stick
    for physical damage, go for grotesque or get Immortality deck
    for bosses like Krosus or Star Augur (high magic damage)stack as much versatility as possible

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    I recently seriously asked myself the same question, and found out I needed 2 combinations:

    1. When I tank overgeared content (as a more DPS-oriented dev warrior):
    Chrono-Shard (for strength and its haste proc - still farming Arcway to get it)
    Shivermaw bone (you cannot farm it as it is a violet hold drop but it is amazing - when proc is maxed, I get so much versa that it equals to +20% damage inflicted and -10% dmg received for 10 sec + a massive 50% slow to kite mobs)
    Urn from Nightbane (for mastery and strength + anti-fear usage)

    2. When I tank progress/slightly overgeared but still at risk content (still dev warrior, but more protected)
    Stam trinket from Violet Hold (Shivermaw bone - see above)
    Stam trinket from Skorpyron (still trying to farm it - it is like a second shield wall)
    Stam trinket from Parjesh (EoA)
    Infernal contract (for fights with high bursts and when you can recover from its negative consequence)

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    I currently use DMC:I and an arcano. Darkmoon is really nice ... about 1400 strength and between 700 and 2100 armor further modified by artifact is really nice and at least on my server it's not too expensive. arcano is still very nice for the bunch of usefull stats.

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