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    What happened about the 10 post requirement for making threads?

    I'm starting to see threads in General WoW and other forums made by people with 1-5 posts.

    For example this thread (if it doesn't appear it means it's been deleted):

    and these users making these threads:
    Also, yeah, I know naming and shaming is against the rules, but these are obviously bots.

    So what's the deal? Did the 10 posts rule get removed? Does it get bypassed somehow?

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    There is no 10 post requirement to make threads? Only to post links.

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    Oh, yeah, the spambot threads.

    Whether or not there was a 10-post requirement previously, there should be.

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    And that solves what exactly? How hard is to open 10 threads and type LOL. Voila, 10-post goal reached, forum unlocked. What you need is moderation not some laughable barriers that does nothing.

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    There is no requirements for making threads, maybe there should be. The 10 post requirements are for links.
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    Till 10 posts, shouldn't be allowed to make new threads and 5 min timer between posts. Would really help with spammers.

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    I think anyone under 100 post count should have to wait for a mod to approve their thread before it becomes visible to the public forum. It's actually not even that hard to implement, just make a new mod-only subforum, all new (under 100 post count) user's threads get generated there, and a mod moves it to the designated section if it gets approved. Or locks it or something if it's spam.

    I also think there should be a single button for mods to use on spammers under like 100 posts to delete all the user's posts. Would make clearing out the garbage a spambot posts a lot easier after you find them.

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    perswonally i think it should be 25-50 posts to start your own thread.
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    There is no requirement for posting 10 posts to make threads. The only requirements are 10 posts to post valid, full links, images, or use a signature.

    As always, please report any spambots to us so we can wipe them as quickly as possible.

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    There are some big downsides to requiring 10 posts to make new threads.

    First, a lot of people register for MMOC to make guild recruitment threads, and making them reach a certain post count would be detrimental to them. Likewise for people who register to ask questions (not uncommon in class forums) or post logs for help. Second, and most importantly, that means that spammers would then switch to making posts in existing threads rather than entirely new ones, which makes it enormously harder to catch them quickly. Our goal is to stop spammers from getting unchecked for too long and to stop them from doing malicious things like malware links, etc. Our goal is not to make life difficult for newcomers. That means our current setup is probably optimal.

    People with less than 15 posts already often get stuck in the automated filter, which means we already catch a good percentage of the spam threads before you even see them (given how many you probably see, that should give you an idea of how many we get here).
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