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    [A] 893 Prot Paladin LF 8/10H NH or better

    893 Prot Paladin
    42 Artifact Traits
    10/10N NH & 6/10H kill progress.
    Looking for week day raid team between 8pm and midnight central time with at least 8/10 Heroic or better in need of a plate tank.

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    Hello! You sound like you may be a fit for us. I'll leave the spam below:

    About us: <When do we HÈRO> on Sargeras. We're a small tight-knit group that has recently split off from a previous guild. We're an experienced group and value active players who seek to always improve. Outside of raid day there are always groups running m+. We're friendly and helpful and value having a non-toxic and drama free environment. At the moment we have no designs to move into mythic raiding, as we are happy clearing heroic before the next raid opening and running m+. We are currently 9/10 but were 10/10 before this guild was formed.

    Raids: Tuesday is an optional run of Normal Nighthold that is mostly alts now. Weds is Heroic Nighthold. Thursday is for cleanup if there is anything left over from Weds. All raid times are 830-1130 server (CST).

    Voice: Discord

    Loot: PL for Normal and Loot Council for Heroic.

    What we're looking for: We want players who are active. If you can only log on for raid times and we never see you again till next weeks raid, it probably won't be a good fit. You have a life and we get that, but would like 90% attendance for weds/thurs and your full attention throughout the raid.

    Please contact me here either in the comments or PM me if you're interested or have any questions! - Pozytive

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    I'll message you in game.

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